Oct 29, 2016

Episode 233 DZ Fest 2016 Day 1 Stage D!

The playlist from the bands that played DZ Fest day 1 stage D! Big shout out thank yous to Black Eyes, Courtney, The Just Luckies, Hype, Donkey Hotel, Bigjoy, Absolutely Not, Swimsuit Addition, The Cell Phones, and Avantist! Wow what a line up. Wow what a playlist. Enjoy!


Oct 23, 2016

Episode 232 Arbor Creek!

The incredibly talented Arbor Creek came by DZ Records and completely blew us away! https://www.facebook.com/ArborRock/


Oct 15, 2016

Episode 231 Intimate Evening Playlist from May and August 2016

Another installment of the live Intimate Evening series. This time from May and August of 2016. A great thank you to the bands and to DZ Records for putting on these shows! @dzrecords on instagram and youtube.com/dzrecords and @friendswithmusic on instagram enjoy! 


Oct 11, 2016

Episode 230 Intimate Evening from March and April!

Another great live playlist from the Intimate Evening series. This one is great! From March (leafy greens, hype, avantist, and peekaboos) and April (Jackie islands, lever, baby money, and cell phones). Also the March Intimate Evening was our 200th episode celebration. Good times all around! Don't forget to check all of these videos out youtube.com/dzrecords @dzrecords on instagram and @friendswithmusic


Oct 2, 2016

Episode 229 Intimate Evenings from January and February!

These Intimate Evening playlists are so awesome! If you don't know, we put on shows here at DZ Records once a month called Intimate Evenings. This episode is a playlist, one song from each band from January and February. A big shout out to all the bands Meristems, Post Child, John Till, Bad Bad Meow, Black Bear Rodeo, Nectar, Menacerno and Little Yellow Dog!! Follow us on instagram @friendswithmusic and @dzrecords