May 21, 2016

Episode 210 Perry Hutchins!

We had a blast hanging out and jamming with the guys of Perry Hutchins. So much fun so much rock and roll! For everything Perry Hutchins, check out


May 14, 2016

Episode 209 Pinto and the Bean!

Pinto and the Bean aka Paul and Ivan aka this badass duo that came down to the DZ Records and blew us away, join us on this great episode. You gotta check them out!


May 8, 2016

Episode 208 The Leafy Greens!

The Leafy Greens have far too much talent. Its not fair! They are not suppose to be this good, but they are. Hit play and find out what im talking about!


Apr 29, 2016

Episode 207 The Belvederes!

The Belvederes are our latest guests. They are killer musicians that do not stop. We had a ton of fun hanging out and jamming. Check them out here


Apr 28, 2016

Episode 206 Bonus April 28, 2006!

Exactly 10 years ago today was the greatest live experience of my life. This is a quick episode of me trying to remember all I can from it. Hope you dig! Let me know what your favorite show was @friendswithmusic on instagram and @fwmpod on twitter


Apr 24, 2016

Episode 205 Fox and the Acres!

We had a great time hanging out and chatting with Fox and the Acres. So much fun. Politics, weddings, and broken glass (I think that was in this episode) Check them out! and


Apr 17, 2016

Episode 204 Lever!

Lever tore down DZ Records with their sessions. And were kind enough to stick around for an interview. Check them out and check out their session videos


Apr 10, 2016

Episode 203 Black Rhino!

Black Rhino blasted through DZ Records with a couple of sessions and a great interview. This is a fun one. Dig it!


Apr 2, 2016

Episde 202 Alrght Panther!

Alright Panther joins us on this episode. We had a blast jammin and talkin. You gotta check them out


Mar 26, 2016

Episode 201 The Flips!

The Flips came by to rock a great session and hang out for an interview. Awesome stuff! Check them out and also help them get some vinyl pressed


Mar 19, 2016

Episde 200!

Can you believe we've done 200 of these? Benj and I, with help from guest host Sheri, do some reflecting. Its been so much fun bringing you these episodes. I cannot thank you all enough for all the support. Enjoy! To 200 more, cheers!


Mar 12, 2016

Episode 199 Brian Milke aka Psycho Milkman!

In one of our most edited episodes, my good friend Brian joins us to discuss music, video games, basketball. friendship and how nice of a person I am. I'm not sure what made the cut. Hit play and find out!


Mar 5, 2016

Episode 198 Black Bear Rodeo!

Black Bear Rodeo came through the DZ like a tornado that just demolished a liquor store. Check out this episode and you'll see what I mean. And get into them!


Feb 27, 2016

Episode 197 Kirby Jayes!

Kirby Jayes came by DZ Records and blew us all away with a great session ( They stuck around for this interview as well. Please check them out and support


Feb 20, 2016

Epsode 196 Fletcher Rockwell!

A band like Fletcher Rockwell really make our jobs so much easier. Great guys, great music. Super excited to bring you this latest episode. Check them out here as well


Feb 13, 2016

Episode 195 Little Yellow Dog!

We had the great pleasure of having Little Yellow Dog in for a session and interview. They are pretty awesome! Check them out here and enjoy!


Feb 10, 2016

Episode 194 Robbie from The Simpsons Show returns!

Robbie from The Simpsons Show Podcast is back! They just released their 100th episode so I decided to have him back to talk all things Simpsons! Its great when someone from a podcast you listen to a lot is cool enough to just come on your own show. Robbie's a great dude and his show is awesome. Happy 100 Simpsons Show!!! Find them here


Feb 8, 2016

Episode 193 Nectar!

The band Nectar joins us on todays show. Simply put. They. Are. Awesome. You gotta check them out!


Feb 3, 2016

Episode 192 Julie! part 2… Smoothie Strategies

Enjoy the healthiest FWM episode ever! Julie and I go on and on,,,, and on about our smoothie making strategies. Too. Much. Fun.


Jan 30, 2016

Episode 191 Julie! part 1

Julie and I talked for a long time. About stuff I don't remember. All I know is that it was fun. Enjoy!


Jan 23, 2016

Episode 190 Jess McIntosh!

Jess McIntosh stopped by for a great session and interview. She and her band were awesome and a fun hang. Check out their session on  and check her out


Jan 17, 2016

Episode 189 Menacerno!

We had so much fun hanging out with Menacerno! So much fun that we recorded a couple sessions and a podcast! They are great check em out 


Jan 9, 2016

Episode 188 Chuck Bryant!

Charles W. Chuck Bryant is our guest on todays show! He called in to DZ Records and we had a great chat. With some side tracks. If you are not familiar, is where you can find all the info. @syskpodcast on twitter and And if you haven't already, please follow us on instagram @friendswithmusic and and @fwmpod on twitter


Jan 1, 2016

Episode 187 Favorite Songs of 2015!

Check out our favorite songs of 2015. What a great year!


Dec 27, 2015

Episode 186 FWM Xmas!

We put together a quick Christmas playlist. So glad its over. Hope you had a good one. If you are still in the giving spirit, follow us on instagram @friendswithmusic or on twitter @fwmpod or on like/follow/share/comment Thank you!


Dec 19, 2015

Episode 185 Bora Bora!

Um grande novo episódio com a banda Bora Bora. Um pouco de rock and roll sérioMuita diversão! Find them here 


Dec 12, 2015

Episode 184 FWM’s Top 10 Albums of 2015!

2015 was a great year for music. Check out what my top 10 was. Spoiler alert: Its the best top 10 list you'll see all year!


Dec 6, 2015

Episode 183 Soddy Daisy!

Soddy Daisy came out and crushed a couple sessions. You gotsta check them out They also stayed for a very professional and by the books interview. So much fun they were!


Nov 30, 2015

Episode 182 Michael Gilkison!

Michael Gilkison, stand up comedian and co host of the In The Galaxy Podcast, joins us on todays show via Skype. We talked a lot about a bunch of different things. A must listen. Find all his stuff here and Great dude great talk!


Nov 15, 2015

Episode 181 Pantomime!

Pantomime came by and crushed a DZ Session. And were kind enough to stay or an interview. Listen dig and share!


Nov 8, 2015

Episode 180 DZ Fest 2015 Stage D!

Live from stage D! DZ Fest 2015 was epic. Here now are select tracks from all the bands that played stage D. Big shoutouts and thank yous to Follies, Bossfight, Them Dead Poets, John TIll, Single Player, Swimsuit Addition, Ratboys, Esta Vivo, Avantist and of course Wilshire!!!! All bands can be found on fb and bandcamp, look em up!


Oct 31, 2015

Episode 179 DZ Fest Stage Z!

Greetings from stage Z! DZ Fest 2015 was a wild blur! Here is proof. Music from the fest, featuring All Mighty Joy Joy, Luke Henry & Rabbitfoot, Bloom, Corvids, Bigjoy, Fee Lion, The Bribes, Oshwa, Blah Blah Blah, and White Mystery! Wow what a lineup! And that was just one stage. Hope you all dig. All bands can be found on bandcamp and whatnot. Check them out. Thank you


Oct 24, 2015

Episode 178 Them Dead Poets!

Them Dead Poets stopped by to record a rockin DZ Session and they stuck around to talk about donuts and basketball. Oh and we may or may not have talked music. Who can remember these things. Enjoy! And blindly follow @fwmpod on twitter and friendswithmusic on instagram


Oct 18, 2015

Episode 177 DZ Fest 2015 Talking!

Remember how awesome DZ Fest 2015 was? I know right!? Well I did some talking with some festival goers and got their takes on some things. And then got a chance to sit down with the creator of DZ Fest, Benj. You do not want to miss this.


Oct 12, 2015

Episode 176 Phantom Broadcast! well kinda…

It finally happened. Technical difficulties. Its not easy being a DIY podcaster. This should have been the episode for the band Phantom Broadcast but the file got lost. All that remained was the playlist. So that is what we are releasing. Sorry to the band, they were great by the way. Check them out


Oct 2, 2015

Episode 175 Howard Kremer!

Super funny comedian Howard Kremer (@howardkremer on twitter, instagram & fb) from the podcast Who Charted (@whocharted on twitter and fb) was in town recently and was kind enough to sit down for an interview. He could not have been more gracious and cool and funny and he was very generous with his time! Please check him out if you are unfamiliar. I love this interview. It is one of my favorites, but of course as soon as we were done I thought of a million more things to ask. I hope I did the chartists right with this one. Enjoy!


Sep 26, 2015

Episode 174 Supertrash!

During their tour of the Midwest, the band Supertrash stopped by for a great session and interview. They were super cool. We had fun hanging with them. Shout out to Owensboro! Dig their stuff


Sep 19, 2015

Episode 173 Two Japanese Dudes Kicking a Ball From L.A. to New York!

So remember the time 2 Japanese dudes were kicking a ball from LA to New York and they stumbled across DZ Records and stayed there for a few days and had a bunch of food and good times then continued on their merry way to NY? Yeah that actually happened! Luckily Benj sat them down in front of some mics. There story is super cool. Hope you dig!


Sep 11, 2015

Episode 172 Corvids!

We had Corvids in the other day for an awesome session ( and they were kind enough to stay for an interview. Great musicians and even greater people! Please help spread the word and tell some people about us! Thank you! Enjoy!


Sep 4, 2015

Episode 171 Jaye Williams from In The Galaxy Podcast!

Jaye Williams is the co-host of the great In The Galaxy Podcast. He joins us via Skype for this one. We had an awesome conversation. Check out his show here  and @inthegalaxypodcast on instagram. (oh and check out episode #88 of his show to hear me long windedly talk about stuff) Dig it!


Aug 28, 2015

Episode 170 We got Married! Part 2

Continuing the celebration of our marriage. Enjoy this reception playlist! @friendswithmusic on instagram and @fwmpod on twitter, hit us up!  


Aug 23, 2015

Episode 169 We got Married! part 1

We got married! 8-22-2015 Come celebrate with us


Aug 16, 2015

Episode 168 Airbnb talk with Kasia!

Kasia and I talked a lot. This episode we talk pretty much all about Airbnb. This is not an Airbnb commercial, we just really enjoy what they do. This was going to be a bonus episode but time sort of got in the way. Hope you enjoy! Check us out on all our social medias, like share and tell a friend!


Aug 9, 2015

Episode 167 Kasia!

A great long over due chat with Kasia! It was a lot of fun talking one on one with her. And it was even more fun putting together her playlist. Enjoy! Check us out on instagram @friendswithmusic


Aug 2, 2015

Episode 166 Peekaboos!

The super rad band Peekaboos came by the other day! So excited to present to you the conversation we had. You gotsta check them out


Jul 25, 2015

Episode 165 Baby Money!

Baby Money came by the DZ to jam for us for a session and they stuck around for an interview. It was a fun chat! This is Baby Money's world, we are all just loose change     (oh, producers note: the audio for this ep. might be a little funny. sorry!!!)   Thanks for finding us! Please like and share and tell a friend!


Jul 18, 2015

Episode 164 Bloom!

Bloom is the best! And they stopped by the DZ for a great session and interview. Enjoy their sounds! And share and tell everyone you know!


Jul 11, 2015

Episode 163 Love in the Dark!

The super slick and very talented band Love In The Dark join us on todays show. There is a lot of them so get ready for this one. They are great people that make great music We also have a lot going on so please follow the instagram @friendswithmusic and twitter @fwmpod Thank you


Jul 6, 2015

Episode 162 James Neary!

James Neary is our guest for todays episode. A great dude that played some great tunes for us. His sessions were awesome and it was fun chatting with him. Check him out give him a like 


Jun 28, 2015

Episode 161 Hunting Jacket!

Christian William aka Hunting Jacket aka Fall Fox stopped by DZ Records for a great session and interview. Check out his stuff here its all good 


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