Feb 24, 2015

Episode 142 Fern from The Avantist! part 2

The much anticipated part 2 of my conversation with Fern from The Avantist. Warning: this is a basketball heavy episode with a short playlist of specific songs. Don't forget about his first episode. And you must must must check out his band https://theavantist.bandcamp.com/

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Feb 21, 2015

Episode 141 Fern from The Avantist! part 1

Fern the singer of the great local band The Avantist was finally on the show. About 3 years in the making. And of course we couldn't stop talking. This is part one of a great two part episode. Hope you dig. Oh and you gotta check out The Avantist https://theavantist.bandcamp.com/ they are one of the best bands around

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Feb 14, 2015

Episode 140 Glass Mountain!

The might Glass Mountain stopped by DZ Records the other day to do a great session and interview. Hit play and enjoy! Check them out http://glassmountaintrio.bandcamp.com/releases  and please check us out on facebook and instagram.com/friendswithmusic and rate review and subscribe on iTunes. You are the best

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Feb 8, 2015

Episode 139 Another Shuffle Roulette with P.R.E.!

Punk Rock Eric and I put our ipods on shuffle and battled to the death! Press play and see who is the last man standing. Please rate and review us on iTunes and check us out on facebook and instagram. Share and help spread the word!

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Jan 31, 2015

Episode 138 Another Shatt Shuffle!

We are live and on location. Sheri and I put our ipods on shuffle, come listen to music with us! It ended up being a great playlist. And be sure to rate and comment on iTunes and check us out on facebook and instagram. And of course tell a friend, spread the word!

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Jan 24, 2015

Episode 137 Okapi!

The band Okapi joined us in studio for a session and an interview. They crushed the session! No joke, you all must check them out http://okapiband.bandcamp.com/  And of course it was great talking with them and getting to know them a bit. Make sure to watch their session videos here too  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEl81lLSEhI  And please help spread the word, tell a friend, rate and share and like all our social medias. And have a pleasant afternoon!

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Jan 17, 2015

Episode 136 Shuffle Roulette with Andrew!

Any time Andrew and I are in the same room, magic happens. So it is only appropriate that we put our ipods through a shuffle roulette. Tune in to find out who the last man standing will be!

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Jan 9, 2015

Episode 135 Mikayla!

Mikayla is a professional. And she is also a Samurai. So this was an easy conversation (at a safe distance of course) We had a great chat and she is the future of America! Press play and enjoy and share with everyone you know!

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Jan 1, 2015

Episode 134 DZ New Years Playlist!

Happy 2015 everybody! Hope 2014 treated you kindly and I hope 2015 does as well! On todays show Andrew Benjamin and I put together a quick playlist of some of our favorite DZ Session tunes. All of which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/user/windgrabsymmetry/videos Press play and enjoy!

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Dec 26, 2014

Episode 133 A DZ Playlist for Christmas!

Benjamin, Andrew and myself put together some of our favorite DZ Session tunes for this music heavy Christmas episode. Check out all the videos for these songs here https://www.youtube.com/user/windgrabsymmetry/videos Hope you all had a great Christmas. Thank goodness its over

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Dec 21, 2014

Episode 132 Emersion!

Emer and Stefan of the band Emersion stopped by the DZ to play their acoustic/violin/rap/spoken word infused music. It was awesome! what happens when Dublin and San Diego collide? Press play and find out! As always, thanks for tuning in and tell a friend!!

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Dec 14, 2014

Episode 131 Victoria Blade!

The amazing Victoria Blade stopped by the DZ and played some great songs for us. And we had a really good chat after. Press play and enjoy!

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Dec 6, 2014

Episode 130 Follies!

Kate from Follies came by the DZ not too long ago to jam for us and sit for an interview. Check out her soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/folliesmusic tons of great stuff on there!

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Nov 30, 2014

Episode 129 Little Star!

Little Star came by a couple weeks ago and crushed a session. And I got the pleasure of chatting with them. They make great noises! Check them out here http://stellasmusic.bandcamp.com/ 

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Nov 23, 2014

Episode 128 The New Wilshire Album!

The new Wilshire album was just released!!!! Its called My Metamorphic Mind and its awesome! So we packaged it up as its own episode. Check it out here and also at http://wilshire.bandcamp.com/

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Nov 15, 2014

Episode 127 Flagass!

Local punk rock legends Flagass stopped by for a DZ session and a quick chat. Check them out here http://flagass.bandcamp.com/ 

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Nov 8, 2014

Episode 126 Ben Scott!

All the way from http://www.thestereostudio.com/ the Benjamin David Scott joins us for a quick chat and some tunes. Stereo Studio does great work! Please check them out. And tell them Friends With Music sent you

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Nov 1, 2014

Episode 125 Trevor!

Everything you ever wanted to know about our guest Trevor is in this episode and this link http://www.thestereostudio.com/trevor-harris-roberts  He is part of the Stereo Studio crew. They are doing great stuff in the city. Please check them out. Oh and one more thing, TREVORRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

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Oct 28, 2014

Episode 124 Bonus Talking Basketball!

Another NBA season is just about to start. You know what that means! This music podcast is talkin hoops! Johnny A comes by and we quickly rattle off opinions and facts about the upcoming season. Will the Bulls dominate the east? Will D Rose win another MVP? Will Thibs play his rookies? The answers to those questions and so much more in this episode (spoiler alert: YES!) unedited for your listening pleasure 

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Oct 25, 2014

Episode 123 Another Shuffle Roulette with P.R.E.!

Thee Punk Rock Eric came by and we put our ipods on shuffle. Cant tell you what happens next, you gotta tune in! Come listen to some music with us!

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Oct 18, 2014

Episode 122 Boss Fight!

The mighty Boss Fight come out to the DZ and did a great session with us. We may or may not have talked more about the Mighty Ducks movies more then music. Im not quite sure. You will have to tune in to find out. Dig and share http://bossfightchicago.bandcamp.com/ 

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Oct 11, 2014

Episode 121 A Cool Hand!

These dudes were awesome! They came in, jammed some killer tunes, chatted for a great interview and then stuck around and watched the Bears game with us! Please check them out https://acoolhand.bandcamp.com/

Oct 3, 2014

Episode 120 Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp!

Welcome back everybody! Joe and Aurora from the band Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp joined us for a DZ Session and an interview. Great people great music great talk. Enjoy and share! http://hunthunthuntcamp.bandcamp.com

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Sep 27, 2014

Episode 119 Harry!

You are in for a treat! Todays guest is a legend no doubt. The Harry Hokinson joined us for a great chat. He's seen a bunch and he's done a bunch. We went on and on and just when you thought it was over, we kept going. Stay tuned for a killer playlist at the end also! Thanks for finding us. Please go tell a friend!

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Sep 20, 2014

Episode 118 Emily!

Another classic style episode. Emily and I sat down for a great chat. She is a drummer and wrangler of creativity! Its good to know professionals. Thank you for finding us. Check out friendswithmusicpodcast.com and @fwmpod and our instagram.com/friendswithmusic    y all are the best!

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Sep 13, 2014

Episode 117 Michelle!

Back to FWM classic style. Just Michelle and I chatting. You are going to want to hear this. She has stories. That's all I'll say. Thank you all for checking us out! Please like and share on facebook.com/friendswithmusic. Check us out on twitter @fwmpod and check out the super cool instagram.com/friendswithmusic  

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Sep 6, 2014

Episode 116 DZ Fest 2014!

DZ Fest 2014!! It was an amazing night! Here is some audio pulled from the fest. I was able to pick Benjs brain (or what was left of it) after the fest. And we play some music at the end of all the bands that were there. Thank you to everyone that came out and had a good time, thank you to the bands for rocking our socks, thank you to the great DZ crew for putting it all together, and thank you to Benjamin for always being just crazy enough to come up with these ideas but sane enough to make sure they are executed fully

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Aug 29, 2014

Episode 115 Robbie from The Simpsons Show Podcast!

Greetings podcast-a-reenos! This is a very special episode. Robbie from the super awesome Simpsons Show Podcast joins us via Skype. We talked for a long time about, well, The Simpsons! It was so much fun talking with him, he's a great dude and his podcast is excellent! Check it out before I run out of Simpsons references to drop in this description http://www.thesimpsonsshow.com/  Oh and a quick shout out to Matt his co host, he couldn't make the interview, he was busy harvesting lima beans for somebody called The Leader

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Aug 23, 2014

Episode 114 New Color!

Hey there friends welcome back! The band New Color are out guests on this one. They played some tunes for us in the DZ Studio, check them out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnHr4s7wZSA&list=UUPGJjRSbuNJoTjvtWFLaCGw Some great stuff! Dig it and share it!

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Aug 16, 2014

Episode 113 Counterfeit I!

Hello there loyal listener! Todays show is with the band Counterfeit I. You may recognize that name, we had on Derek a couple months ago. We got the entire band to come by the DZ and jam out for us. Check them out http://counterfeiti.bandcamp.com/ And check out the videos they did for us youtube.com search dz records

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Aug 8, 2014

Episode 112 Fight With Monsters!

We have another FWM on FWM! The band Fight With Monsters joined us for a DZ session and a quick chat. Check them out http://fightwithmonsters.bandcamp.com/ Good stuff good dudes. Check out the videos they did for us on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZzLgr_pMfA&list=UUPGJjRSbuNJoTjvtWFLaCGw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmI6Y4_SM74&list=UUPGJjRSbuNJoTjvtWFLaCGw Thanks yall!

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Aug 1, 2014

Episode 111 Kyle Corbin!

We have a great episode for you all! Kyle Corbin came by, played a little music and chatted with us. We talked a lot about basketball, which may or may not be included I don't remember. And we talked a lot about TMBG! Good times good dude. Check him out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdHb2WuUo_s&list=UUPGJjRSbuNJoTjvtWFLaCGw Thanks!

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Jul 27, 2014

Episode 110 The 92s!

Coming a little late and still tired from DZ Fest last night, this next episode is with the band The 92s. Great dudes great music! Check them out here http://the92s.bandcamp.com/ and here https://www.facebook.com/the92s Thank you all for hitting play! You are the best

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Jul 20, 2014

Episode 109 Ghost Horses!

Thank you everyone for tuning in! The band Ghost Horses came by DZ Records and did a great session. They were also kind enough to sit down for a quick chat. Check them out http://ghosthorseschicago.bandcamp.com/ also give them a like https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ghost-Horses

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Jul 12, 2014

Episode 108 The Drifts!

JK and Matt from the band The Drifts join us on todays show. They stopped by the DZ for a quick session and chat. Check out their stuff here http://driftschicago.bandcamp.com/ and hit us up on facebook.com/friendswithmusic or @fwmpod on twitter and also instagram friends with music. Thank you all for hitting play!

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Jul 4, 2014

Episode 107 Swimsuit Addition!

We seriously had Swimsuit Addition on the show! How awesome! They came in rocked a session and sat down for a quick chat. If you are not familiar you gotta check them out http://www.swimsuitaddition.com/Swimsuit_Addition/Home.html  They have a new album out called Wretched Pinups. Go get it! Thanks

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Jun 28, 2014

Episode 106 Sara Tea!

We are now 106 strong! On todays show we have a phone interview I did with the great Sara Tea! She was kind enough to call in and chat with me for a little bit. We talked about fashion and drumming and everything in between. She cannot be stopped. And theres a killer playlist at the end. Check her out at http://sarateashop.com/ hit her up on FB https://www.facebook.com/sarateashop and twitter @saratea   thanks everyone for hittin play! Enjoy!

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Jun 21, 2014

Episode 105 Knitted Cap Club!

Welcome back everyone! On this episode we have a very special guests, The Knitted Cap Club is here! They did an awesome DZ Session and stuck around for an interview. Thanks for hitting play. Check them out http://theknittedcapclub.com/

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Jun 16, 2014

Episode 104 BigJoy!

The amazing band BigJoy joined us for an awesome session! Some serious rockin! Check them out http://big-joy.bandcamp.com/ and check out their DZ Session http://www.youtube.com/user/windgrabsymmetry/videos Thanks yall!

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Jun 7, 2014

Episode 103 Tim!

Im very excited for this one. Tim our guest was a blast to have in the DZ. Another long talk creatively edited. We talked a lot of literature, punk rock, trends old and new, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember. Thanks for checking us out. Hope you dig! If you can please leave positive reviews on iTunes and https://www.facebook.com/friendswithmusicpodcast @fwmpod on twitter and instagram.com/friendswithmusic

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May 31, 2014

Episode 102 Meristems!

We made some history on this one. The very first known recordings of the band Meristems! They were great! But unfortunately we had some technical difficulties during the interview. Tune in to see what happened. And check out Meristems https://www.facebook.com/yameristems

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May 25, 2014

Episode 101 Hartfod/Focht!

Welcome back everyone! We are finally on the other side of 100. And what a great way to kick off the next 100! Hartford/Focht came by to jam at the DZ and chat a bit. Check them out https://www.facebook.com/hartford.focht they are great! Thanks all!

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May 18, 2014

Episode 100!

We did it! Finally made it to 100! Its been a crazy ride. There is not enough room for all the thank yous, so I'll say this quickly. Thank you everybody ever! Especially Benj! You made all this happen. This episode is just me and Benj rambling, unedited, with some of our favorite DZ songs at the end. Thank you, tell a friend, spread the good word. Word 

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May 9, 2014

Episode 99 Jeffery part 2!

The thrilling part 2 of our chat with Jeffery. Again, great dude, great talk. This one is a little different though. Its pretty much him and I just talking about podcasts. Yes a podcast about podcasts! Oh and no music at the end of this one. Instead there is some important information that you must must must listen to! Thanks all! Check us and DZ Records out on all social medias. Too many to type

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May 3, 2014

Episode 98 Wheelers 311 Day Experience!

Todays episode is a little 311 heavy. Say what you will about the band, they take care of their fans. Ian D. Wheeler of Wheelers Weekend Jams Sundays 7-9 only on http://www.windycityunderground.com/  joins us in the DZ to discuss his 311 day experience this past year. Tune in!

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Apr 26, 2014

Episode 97 Jeffery! part 1

Hey there friends thanks for tuning in. Jeffery and I had an awesome conversation. Hes a great dude. We must have talked for hours! It took us a while to get to actually talking to music. Hit play and find out what goes on

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Apr 19, 2014

Episode 96 TacocaT!

Im super excited for this episode! The amazing Tacocat sat down with me for a great chat after a show here recently. They were the best! We talked about spiders and Tom Petty and Summah and a bunch of other things I don't remember. They just released an awesome new album that you can find here http://tacocatdotcom.com/ The best album of the year so far no doubt. Dig

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Apr 12, 2014

Episode 95 Derek from Counterfeit I!

Derek from the band Counterfeit I stopped by DZ Records for a quick chat. Great dude, great band. They just released a new album Still Vol. II Check it out here http://counterfeiti.bandcamp.com/

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Apr 5, 2014

Episode 94 Ratboys!

Hey there everybody. Ratboys stopped by the DZ for a session and a "quick" interview. We talked about deaf parents and basketball for a long time. What made the final cut? tune in and find out!

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Mar 30, 2014

Episode 93 Joe and Jamee!

Joe and Jamee stopped by the DZ for an awesome session and a quick interview. Great people and great tunes. Check them out here http://joeandjamee.com/ Thanks all!

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Mar 22, 2014

Episode 92 Ash!

Ash is todays guest. We had a great chat and she turned me on to some cool stuff. She will also cut your hair. Visit cut and color on one hundred and something and southwest highway! Thank you Ash and crew for listening and being cool!

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Mar 15, 2014

Episode 91 Adrien!

This episodes guest is Adrien. A cool dude. We had a great chat. He deleted his facebook, im jealous. If you haven't already check out the new site friendswithmusicpodcast.com and go to the facebook page and like things and receive my tweets @fwmpod and check out the photos on instagram/friendswithmusic   phew!!!

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Mar 7, 2014

Episode 90 Richie Ramone!

That's right! Richie Ramone! We chatted for a little in the lobby of a recent show he had here in Chicago. Dude is legit, straight up. I tried my best to keep it cool. Ha but it wasn't easy. What a great guy and what a killer drummer! Check out his new album "Entitled" and check him out live when he comes through your town http://www.richieramone.com/

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Mar 2, 2014

Episode 89 Follis part 2!

The thrilling conclusion to our talk with the John Follis. Check it out and check us out on facebook.com/friendswithmusic and @fwmpod on twitter and at friendswithmusicpodcast.com and friendswithmusic on instagram

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Feb 22, 2014

Episode 88 Another Shat Shuffle!

Sheri and I put our ipods on shuffle. Come listen to music with us!

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Feb 17, 2014

Episode 87 Follis!

Mr John Follis joins us on todays show. This is part one of two. We had a great chat. Hes a good dude

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Feb 9, 2014

Episode 86 Reid!

Master builder and almost sober. Reid came by after an early Blackhawks game. It was a fun chat. He was, well, a little loose. Thank you all for finding us. Dig it!

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Feb 1, 2014

Episode 85 Ela!

That's right, Ela was on the show! Those of you that know Ela know how difficult it was to get her to sit down and chat. Im glad she did tho, it was a lot of fun. Thank you Ela for allowing the torture! Thank you all for sticking around. Dig and share and stuff

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Jan 25, 2014

Episode 84 Ryno!

Hello there friends! Welcome back to the greatest podcast to come out of a basement in the s/w suburbs of Chicago. Our guest today is Ryno. We talked about redbull and the blues and a bunch of other things I don't remember. All I know is it was a fun chat. Press play and enjoy. Tell a friend and subscribe on iTunes and all that good stuff. Thank you!

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Jan 18, 2014

Episode 83 Wheeler!

Hey everyone! Todays guest is a professional. Ian Wheeler of the radio show Wheelers Weekend Jams at windycityunderground.com joins us for a great chat. He does great things over there and has been pumping out some awesome interviews! We talked a little Smashmouth a little Rollins Band and a lot of 311. The 311 stuff had to be slightly edited. (sorry, but we talked for like 30-40 minutes on just 311!) So hit play and enjoy! And remember that's Wheelers Weekend Jams every Sunday night 7-9 at windycityunderground.com

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Jan 15, 2014

Episode 82 Bonus B-sides with Craig!

Hey everyone. When Craig was on the show we did a lot of talking. Here is some of the b-side stuff we chatted about. Followed of course by some killer music. We play another track by his new band Musical. Enjoy the midweek bonus episode! Hopefully more to come. Help spread the good word. Tell a friend!

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Jan 11, 2014

Episode 81 Craig!

Welcome back everybody! Todays guest is Craig. He and I go way back to the old O.L. scene. He's been around and done some stuff. Created some good music and continues to pursue his passions. We talked for quite a while. Everything from album art to Mario RPG. We even debut a brand new track from his new project Musical. Check out like and share. Thanks a bunch. Dig

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Jan 4, 2014

Episode 80 Shuffle Roulette with Punk Rock Eric!

Past guest Punk Rock Eric sits down for a deadly round of shuffle roulette. Our ipods duke it out to see who can come up with the better shuffle. Some great tunes pop up. Come listen to music with us!

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Dec 28, 2013

Episode 79 DZ Fest 2013!

So DZ Fest 2013, the legend continues to grow. Long story short. All the recording I did during the fest got lost, except this conversation. Benj and I sat down at the end of the fest. I wanted to pick his brain a little but he didn't have much brain left. He was 98% fried. So we put this episode together in haste completely unedited. Benj did a great job. Now lets go twist and shout!

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Dec 21, 2013

Episode 78 Christmas v. Anti-Christmas!

So Christmas is just about here. I don't know about you but its taking every ounce of strength in me to get out of bed every day. I hate the holidays! For too many reasons to type right now. It gets worse every year. So what do I do with this hatred? Make a playlist and episode for you guys. So that's what this is. Former guest Sheri made a pro-Christmas playlist and I made an anti-Christmas playlist. This is a trial. You are the judge.

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Dec 14, 2013

Episode 77 Punk Rock Eric!

Hey yall welcome back! Im excited to bring you this episode. The P.R.E. joins us for a great chat about things I cant remember. The Effigies were mentioned no doubt. And there is a great playlist for this one, that I know for sure. Punk Rock Eric is legit. Hit play and find out why! Thanks! Share and like and all that good stuff. Double thanks!

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Dec 7, 2013

Episode 76 Lou Weed on Lou Reed!

Lou Reed

March 2 1942 -October 27 2013



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Nov 30, 2013

Episode 75 Vinny!

Wait what!? Vinny was on the show!? Are you sure? The ever elusive always entertaining drummer of Wilshire, Vinny joins us on this episode. And yes he was actually in the studio for this one. Dig it! http://wilshire.bandcamp.com/

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Nov 23, 2013

Episode 74 Shat Shuffle!

Sheri and I put our audio playing devices on shuffle. So come listen to so music with us.... Digging what we are doing? Check out more good stuff at youtube.com/dzrecords   and of course FWM is on facebook.com/friendswithmusicpodcast     Help spread the good word. Share and like. Thank you!

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Nov 15, 2013

Episode 73 Dave Brockie!

Hey everyone! Todays guest is Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) of the hardest working rock and roll band out there, the almighty GWAR!!!! Yeah that's right, the lead singer of GWAR!!! He was nice enough to take some time out of his crazy schedule and sit down and talk for a little. I tried my hardest not to be lame. I think I did ok. And of course as soon as we got done talking I thought of a million better things to ask/say. Oh well, what can I say, im a huge fan of his work. Gwar has been a big part of my life for many many years now and it was an honor to sit down with Mr Brockie. I hope you all dig it. Help spread the good word, tell a friend!

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Nov 9, 2013

Episode 72 Kari!

Hello everybody! This weeks guest comes to us all the way from Bulgaria. Kari is a professional yogi and podcast listener. We had a fun chat. Hope you dig it. Help spread the good word. Thanks all

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Nov 2, 2013

Episode 71 Metal Mike A!

Hello friends! Super legend Metal Mike joins us today for a trip down memory lane. We go back a while. Hes a great dude and it show on this episode. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for hitting play! Please help us out by telling a friend. You are reading this so you know how to find us. And don't forget the DZ Records youtube channel too

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Oct 30, 2013

Episode 70 Basketball Bonus!

Yeah I know this is a music podcast, but its MY music podcast, and I will do what I want with it dammit! And that includes releasing show about basketball. The basketball season is upon us. I cannot ignore it. So past basketball guests Johnny A and Rapido Edwardo join me for a quick breakdown of the up coming season. Hope you dig it. If you are not down with basketball, hell skip this one and press play on the next one, or the last one. As long as you all keep pressing play that's all that matters to me. Thank you so much! Go Bulls!!!!

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Oct 25, 2013

Episode 69 Scott Dude!

Scott Dude is on this episode! Can you believe it? The legend himself took time out of his busy SoCal lifestyle to chat with us. Scott Dude is more then a man, he is a way of life. Hit play and enjoy everyone. And always remember, Shred The Gnar!

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Oct 19, 2013

Episode 68 Gaby!

Welcome back friends! This is the third and final installment of our New Orleans series. This features the amazing Gaby! This was recorded in the garden district in New Orleans, half in an above ground graveyard and half just walking around mansions. Oh and we spent some quality time at the real world New Orleans house, I know how sweet! So turn this one up and enjoy the sounds of Summah and Gaby and I chatting away. Avoir un grand jour et de manger quelque chose de sain!

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Oct 13, 2013

Episode 67 The Lantern Kickers!

Welcome back everybody! Thanks for hitting play. Todays awesome episode is with the old time band The Lantern Kickers. They are great folks and we had a great chat. They also did some recording here at DZ Records. Check that out on their bandcamp. They do good work so go support them. Tell them you heard them here on Friends With Music! 

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Oct 4, 2013

Episode 66 Liam from the Cancer Bats!

Welcome back all! Liam from the Cancer Bats joins me on todays episode. We did some chatting outside the Abbey Pub here in Chicago. We geek out over Gwar and Clutch, we talk a bit about the Cancer Bats doing Black Sabbath under the name Bat Sabbath, genius I know, and we play some absolute killer tunes at the end. Thanks for sticking around hope you dig it

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Sep 29, 2013

Episode 65 Riotfest Wrap up with Joe and Thigh Tats!

Hello everybody! This is a very special episode. Recorded on location at the legendary Huck Finns Restaurant. Former guest Joe and future guest Thigh Tats tell stories about their Riotfest experiences. And we did some general chatting. Hope you all dig it. Go tell a friend if you did. Hell tell a friend if you didn't

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Sep 21, 2013

Episode 64 Julien!

Bon jour! Welcome to Friends With Music the French Canadian edition. This episode has it all, cool accent, an above ground graveyard, an amazing drummer, what more could you ask for! Julien is one of the best. He is a great dude and we rocked an awesome conversation out in New Orleans. I hope you dig it. Rise Mojo Rise!

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Sep 13, 2013

Episode 63 Tess Brunet!

Hello all welcome back! Very excited for todays episode. Our guest is Tess Brunet. If you are not familiar with Tess, go get familiar! She is among other things a great song writer with a powerful voice, a runner of a record shop, and a drum killer. That's right a drum killer! We had a great chat outside her record shop, Lagniappe Records, in Baton Rouge. Hit play and enjoy!

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Sep 8, 2013

Episode 62 Daisy!

Welcome welcome everyone! This episode biked here all the way from jolly ol England. DZfest legend Daisy joins us for a nice chat. We talk about how bugs shouldn't exist and of all people Chis Isaak. An instant classic. Thank you in advance for the high ratings on iTunes and the positive comments. Help spread the word DZrecords and Friends With Music is moving on up!

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Sep 1, 2013

Episode 61 Justina!

Hello welcome back! Todays guest is Justina. And believe me it is action packed and full of twists and turns. Did we talk about dreams, yes! Did we eat cupcakes, you better believe it! Did you discuss music and the normal things we do on this show, uhm maybe! All I know is Justina was great and is very talented. She is officially a DZfest veteran. Thank you all for checking us out. Tune in press play enjoy! And help spread the word!

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Aug 23, 2013

Episode 60 Suzy!

Friends With Music is back! This time with descriptions! Sorry about the technical difficulties folks. The lovely and short Suzy is our guest this week. She drops a bunch of names that I cant pronounce, or spell. And we had a lot of fun. If you dig it please rat and share and all that good stuff. Thank you so much. Hot cross buns y'all

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Aug 16, 2013

Episode 59 Devin!

Hello all! Welcome back! Im excited for todays show, its a good one. Devin joins us at DZrecords and we do some talking. She is very talented. She did a couple songs for us after, if you haven't checked out her sessions, do so! The audio of said sessions are part of this episodes playlist. Hope you dig. Big things keep happening. Go wake somebody up and tell them about this wonderful show. Thank you

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Aug 9, 2013

Episode 58 Laura!

Hey there, welcome back! Laura is todays guest. We had a great little chat. I hope you all dig it. Friends With Music is now 58 strong. Help keep the momentum, spread the good word. Word

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Aug 3, 2013

Episode 57 Trobe!

Welcome back y'all! 57 strong! Todays guest is Trobe. After him and Benj tripped out and talked music equipment and chords and junk, we eventually sit down for a good chat. Thank you so much for coming by. Leave positive reviews and stuff! Oh and TELL A FRIEND!

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Jul 26, 2013

Episode 56 Julio!

Hey there welcome back! Another great one for you all. The transportationally impaired Julio stops by the DZ to chat. About what, I don't remember. This one was recorded awhile ago. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you for pressing play. Help us out, tell a friend, leave positive reviews, don't leave the water running while brushing your teeth

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Jul 18, 2013

Episode 55 Valient Himself!

Lets get right to it. Valient Himself of the almighty Valient Thorr sat down with me behind Reggies! Can you believe it!? For those of you that follow the show you know how much this means to me. It was a great talk. Wish I could remember what we talkled about, my head was too busy spinning. Hes a great dude, and they crushed later that night! So here it is... A special Thursday,,, excuse me,,, THORRsday release! Enjoy

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Jul 13, 2013

Episode 54 Andrew Bonnaroo!

Hey everybody! In this episode former guest Andrew stops by the DZ for a breakdown of his Bonnaroo experiences this year. He tells some pretty great stories. No music in this one. But stick around because future guest Trobe and I tell a pretty neat Bonnaroo story. Hope you all are digging the show! Thank you so much for sticking around. Help spread the word

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Jul 6, 2013

Episode 53 Andrew WK!

Can you believe it! The mighty party god himself Andrew WK is todays guest! We talked for a little, then later on in the night he blasted us with party fury! The show was incredible! It was a great night. Hope you all enjoy this one. It was fun to do. Plenty more goodness to come. So stay tuned, tell a friend, turn it up

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Jun 28, 2013

Episode 52 Peggy!

Hey friends welcome back! Hope everyone is enjoying Summah so far! Happy one year. We did it. Lasted 52 episodes. The little show that could... Anyway. Todays episode is great, and was a lot of fun. Peggy (if that's her real name) stops by the DZ to chat. We talked music, goofed around, you know the drill. Thanks for sticking around! Please go tell a friend, Friends With Music #52! Help spread the word

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Jun 21, 2013

Episode 51 Cregg from Boy Hits Car

Hello friends! Lets get right to it. This episode is incredible. We are on location for this one at the cubby bear in beautiful down town Chicago. Cregg from the great band Boy Hits Car sits down for an awesome chat. We talk plenty of music and of course that epic stage dive! He went into great detail about the jump. If you are not familiar with the jump, youtube it and hold on. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you all for hitting play

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Jun 15, 2013

Episode 50 BH!

Hello everybody! Its late im tired. BH is on todays show. What a fun episode and such a challenge to edit. We did a lot of talking. Most of it was of the punk rock persuasion. Because, y'know, we were there. Hope you all enjoy this one, its a good one. Thanks BH for stopping by, and for the tattoo, sorry I pussed out. Oh and thanks to Mike for chiming in as well. Thank you for hitting play and for the continuing support!! Tell a friend! 

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Jun 7, 2013

Episode 49 Absolutely Not!

Welcome back everyone! This episode is an instant classic. I got a chance to hang out with the band Absolutely Not before a show a couple weeks ago. They were so so so cool! Enough good things cannot be said about them. Seeing them live makes me think rock and roll will be ok,,, for a long time. So if you are not familiar, press play and get familiar! They have a new album coming out June 30. Buy it! They are playing an album release show on July 6 at the hideout downtown. You gotta go to that! Thanks for sticking around. Dig it

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Jun 1, 2013

Episode 48 Colleen!

Hey there friends! Welcome back! Im super excited for this one. My good friend Colleen came over randomly one day so I forced her to do an episode. We are on location at my place. We had a ton of fun! Colleen is such a cool/crazy chick and Im reminded of that every time I see her. And usually that is barely once a year. I don't mean to get lame here but we've always had like an older brother younger sister thing. She always puts me in my place too. Definitely a friendship I value. Which is what this show is all about! Haha ok i'll stop being lame now. Hope you dig it! Thanks for checking us out. Now go tell a friend! Spread the word. Word.

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May 26, 2013

Episode 47 Andrew!

Hi everybody! Thank you for tuning in to another great episode. Director, documentarian, music lover, and overall super cool dude Andrew stops by the DZ. I feel like I shorted him on his episode. We have had plenty of awesome conversations off mic that for some reason or another never got brought up during this episode. He will be back, that is a promise. So many great things keep happening here with the show. Thank you all for keeping me motivated! Please help spread the word. Word!

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May 18, 2013

Episode 46 B!

Welcome back friends! Todays episode is with B! If you dont know B, hit play and get to know him. We did so much laughing and this one was actually a lot of fun to edit. We tried to keep the inside jokes to a minimum, but its not easy when you have so many! Thank you all for sticking around. Hope you are enjoying all this goodness! And if you havent already,,, GO TELL A FRIEND!!!

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May 11, 2013

Episode 45 David Avantist!

Hello all! Friends with music podcast is back. David the guitarist from the Avantist and Esta Vivo joins us for an awesome chat. If youre keeping track at home 2 Avantist down, 2 more to go. So much is happening. Go check out the Avantist on bandcamp. More importantly check them out live. Thanks so much to everyone for pressing play or download or like or whatever you pressed to get this. Tell a friend!

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May 4, 2013

Episode 44 Bonnaroo vs Osheaga vs Lollapalooza!

Hello everyone! Welcome back! On this weeks show former guest Sheri comes by and we discuss 3 awesome music fests. Bonnaroo Osheaga and Lolla. We break down the line ups and give some helpful tips for any festgoer this summer. All punctuated with an awesome playlist! Thanks so much for checkin us out. The FWM podcast continues to do great things. Please help spread the word. Word

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Apr 27, 2013

Episode 43 Playoff Preview… Plus record store day wrap up!

Hey all! On this weeks episode we break down the NBA playoffs. Yeah I know the playoffs have been going on for a week now. The show has been so busy lately. And its not always easy staying on top of things. Our resident basketball expert and former basketball guest Johnny A and the one and only Rapido Edwardo stop by for a break down of all the rounds and early predictions. I am also aware that this is a music podcast,,, So I threw in a quick run down of record store day 2013. So if you are not down with the basketball, fast forward a little and check out the awesome record store day finds. Thank you all for the continued support! Tell a friend. Help spread the word!

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Apr 20, 2013

Episode 42 Morgan!

Hello friends! Thank you for joining us. On todays action packed episode Morgan joins us for some long over due catching up. Its always fun talking at length with Morgan and his opinion is one that I highly value. The dude is legit. Tons of good Fugazi talk and thats never a bad thing. Gather the family, tell a friend and hit play!

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Apr 13, 2013

Episode 41 Cougars!

Wow what a show we have for you today! The band Cougars were kind enough to let me into their world of rock for a quick interview and, dig this, let me sit in on a practice! Yes seriously! For those of you not familiar with them please do yourself a favor and get familiar. The first part of this episode is the interview and the second part is what I recorded of there practice. They basically played a set for me and jammed out super hard. It came out sounding great but keep in mind it is a practice. I can go on and on but ill let the music do the talking here

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Apr 6, 2013

Episode 40 Steven!

Welcome back friends. So glad you all could make it. The founder of the Wilshire fanclub and self proclaimed biggest Wilshire fan ever, Steven stops by the DZ for a nice chat. We picked his brain about early music, life as a radio dj, and what it takes to be a Wilshire fan. So please click play or download or refresh or however you do it. Thank you all so much! Hey start telling some friends! There will be a contest anouncement soon. AHH the suspense is killing me!!

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Mar 29, 2013

Episode 39 Beta!

Hello there friends! On todays show the Beta Hata is in the DZ. All we basically did was laugh at each other, laugh at ourselves, and then laugh at each other some more. Somewhere in between all that there is some music talk. Join the fun! Thank you for hitting download. Please tell a friend

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Mar 23, 2013

Episode 38 akaGunther!

Hey there friends! Welcome back all. akaGunther and I talked. Alot. About 311. Alot. It was a ton of fun and we may have mentioned a few more things other then 311. I dont remember really. Press play and find out. Hey and tell a frined please. If you all tell one person I would greatly appreciate it, You all are the best!!

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Mar 15, 2013

Episode 37 Rocio!

Hello friends! This week we chat about candy, Spanish music, and other stuff I dont remember. I am kicking myself for not bringing up Shakira and my love for her song hips dont lie. Wait did I just say that out loud? No you idiot you typed it for all the world to see. Oh well. Hope you all have a great st. Patricks day. Be safe. Have fun... Oh and an all candy episode is coming soon! Get ready

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Mar 9, 2013

Episode 36 White Mystery!

Chicagos own, White Mystery were kind enough to sit down and chat with me on todays episode. Not enough great things can be said about this band! They truly are local treasures. Thank you all for finding us and pressing play. If you dig this (and I know you will) check whitemysteryband.com  get all the info you need there. And please, if you havent already, SEE THEM LIVE!!!!

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Mar 2, 2013

Episode 35 Teddy!

Hey there! Welcome back friends! Todays guest is Teddy. You may recognize him from his band The Babarams and the work hes done with Esta Vivo. We talked alot and got a little deep at times. I really dont remember now. One way to find out is to hit play! or download! Thank you all for doing just that. This is a good one

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Feb 23, 2013

Episode 34 Ashley!

Hey there friends! Thanks for coming back. On this weeks show Ashley stops by for a very impromptu conversation. She and her wicked guitar skills may have been put on the spot a little bit. We had a ton of fun and it was super cool of her to sit down and chat with us. Thank you all so much for pushing play. Please if you have not already, tell a friend! Give yourself some good music karma and pay it forward

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Feb 16, 2013

Episode 33 Chris!

Hello friends! Welcome back. Chris is with us for todays episode. We talk mexican candy, Glen Big Dog Robinson, loneliness, oh yeah and some music. Hes a great dude and has supported us from the jump. Unfortunately he still hasnt found those sweet Spanish mixtapes. But when he does, its pants off dance off time!! Hope everybody had a successful Valentines day. Thank you for pressing play. Enjoy

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Feb 9, 2013

Episode 32 Nic! part 2!

Welcome back everybody! Finally the thrilling conclusion to Nics epic episode. Not since Who Shot Mr Burns has a nation held their breath in such anticipation. Wait no more! Get ready for more nonsense from the DZ. Thank you all for sticking around. Please rate and review everything. I hate telling you what to do

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