Jan 20, 2018

Episode 294 Beaven Waller!

Beaven Waller came by DZ Records for an awesome session and podcast interview! Check out...


@beavenwaller on twitter and instagram


Jan 17, 2018

Episode 293 Cordoba!

Super excited to bring you todays podcast guests, Cordoba. They came in and rocked a great DZ session and were a ton of fun during the interview. Check them out here...



and @cordobachi on twitter and instagram


Jan 5, 2018

Episode 292 Claudio Parrone Jr!

We're back! Our first episode of 2018 features Claudio Parrone Jr.



@cjparrone on twitter and instagram


Jan 1, 2018

Episode 291 Goodbye 2017!

Saying goodbye to 2017 and playing some live music.

@friendswithmusic on instagram

@dzrecords on instagram



Dec 25, 2017

Episode 290 Xmas Playlist!

Live music from DZ Records

@friiendswithmusic on instagram

@dzrecords on instagram



Dec 20, 2017

Episode 289 Pretty Beggar!

Pretty Beggar came out from Milwaukee to hang out, jam, and talk.




Dec 10, 2017

Episode 288 Ego Mechanics!

Ego Mechanics came by DZ Records for an awesome session and chat with Benj. Dig what they do...




and @egomechanics on twitter and instagram


Dec 5, 2017

Episode 287 8-bit Creeps!

It was so much fun hanging out with the 8-bit Creeps crew! We had a good time on this episode and I hope you enjoy. Dig their stuff here...




and @8bitcreeps on twitter and instagram


Nov 27, 2017

Episode 286 Jessica from Listen Live and Local!

Jessica Braun Gervais from Listen Live and Local does great work for the Chicago music scene. It was a treat having her come by the DZ for a chat. Go check out her site https://listenliveandlocal.com/ and follow the social medias...


@lstnlivelocal on twitter and instagram


Nov 18, 2017

Episode 285 Fauvely!

Fauvely came to DZ Records and knocked out an awesome session and stuck around to talk to Benjamin for a great podcast episode. Dig it!



@fauvelysophie on twitter

@fauvelysophie on instagram


Nov 12, 2017

Episode 284 AJ Dirker!

The super talented AJ Dirker came by and blew us away with a session and stuck around for a great chat. Check out what she does


Nov 5, 2017

Episode 283 Mollow!

Mollow came through the DZ and played some music for us. They were kind enough to stick around for an interview with Benjamin. Dig what they do https://www.facebook.com/mollowchicago/


Oct 29, 2017

Episode 282 Our Fathers!

Our Fathers came in and did a great session and stuck around to chat with Benjamin. Here is that chat and here is where you can find more of them... https://ofchicago.bandcamp.com/releases and https://www.facebook.com/OurFathersChicago/


Oct 22, 2017

Episode 281 The Inventors!

The Inventors came by DZ Records and did some rocking as well as rolling. Dig them here http://www.theinventorsmusic.com/ and here https://theinventors.bandcamp.com/ and here https://www.facebook.com/theinventorsmusic/


Sep 26, 2017

Episode 280 DZ Fest 2017 Day 2 Stage Z Playlist!

Live playlist from DZ Fest day 2 stage Z! Check out the videos at youtube,com/dzrecords Enjoy!


Sep 26, 2017

Episode 279 DZ Fest 2017 Day 2 Stage D Playlist!

Live music from DZ Fest 2017 Day 2 Stage Z! Check out the videos at youtube.com/dzrecords Enjoy!


Sep 26, 2017

Episode 278 DZ Fest 2017 Day 1 Stage Z Playlist!

Live music from DZ Fest 2017 Day 1 Stage Z! Check out the videos at youtube.com/dzrecords Enjoy!


Sep 26, 2017

Episode 277 DZ Fest 2017 Day 1 Stage D Playlist!

Live music from DZ Fest 2017 Day 1 Stage D! Go to youtube.com/dzrecords to check out the videos. Enjoy!


Sep 4, 2017

Episode 276 Catching up with Gaby!

Bon Jour! Our dear friend and past guest Gaby was in town for a run and for some fun. We got a chance to catch up and had a great talk.

Instagram: @gabygauthierdurand


Aug 27, 2017

Episode 275 DZ Fest 2017!

Its here! Our annual post DZ Fest podcast! Benj and I discuss the madness that was DZ Fest 2017. Enjoy!



Aug 20, 2017

Episode 274 Romancoke!

Romancoke are awesome!




Aug 13, 2017

Episode 273 Thee Arthur Layne!

Thee Arthur Layne is awesome!





Aug 6, 2017

Episode 272 The Tomblands!

The Tomblands are awesome!





Jul 30, 2017

Episode 271 Kevin from Indecent Exposure Podcast!

Kevin McMahon from the Indecent Exposure Podcast is todays guest. I went out to his studio and we did a dual podcast. The dude is non stop, it was a great hang. The quality on this one is not the best. I had to put it together quickly. Check out his podcast https://soundcloud.com/indecentpodcast


Jul 23, 2017

Episode 270 Luke Jaggers!

Luke Jaggers joins us via skype. Great talk great dude!

@luke_jaggers on twitter

@luke_jaggers on instagram


Jul 17, 2017

Episode 269 Dennis Caravello!

Fresh off of our DZ Fest 2017 break. Here is a great episode with Dennis Caravello!




Jul 1, 2017

Episode 268 Andrew Victory!

Andrew Victory!

@TheOfficialAndrewVictory on facebook
Twitter: andrew_victory
Instagram: andrew_victory

Jun 23, 2017

Episode 267 5 Years of FWM!

We've been doing this for 5 years now. Its hard to beleive. What a wild ride it has been. Hear Benj and I talk about it on this episode. I wish I could type out all of the thank yous that are deserved, but there are way too many! Thank you all for the continued support! Of course @friendswithmusic on instagram and fb. and youtube.com/dzrecords to check out all the great DZ videos


Jun 11, 2017

Episode 266 Intimate Evening Playlists from October and November 2016!

This episode is a playlist of live songs recorded at DZ Records in Oct and Nov of last year. A huge shout out to The Roalde Dahls, Bad Bad Meow, Black Bear Rodeo, Bigjoy, The Peekaboos, Arbor Creek, Namorado and John Till!!! Go to youtube.com/dzrecords to check out the live video of these songs. Follow @dzrecords on instagram follow @friendswithmusic on instagram too. Thank you!


Jun 4, 2017

Episode 265 Intimate Evening Playlists from January and March 2017!

Today we bring an awesome live playlist from our Intimate Evening monthly live shows. One from late January and another from early March. Featuring music from Kodakrome, Midijoyful, Nimrod, Bev Rage & the Drinks, Bora Bora, Fox and the Acres, The Just Luckies and The Phantom Planet. Great bands Great music! Go to youtube.com/dzrecords to check out the live videos to these songs


May 28, 2017

Episode 264 DZ Folk Fest 2016!

Back in September 2016 DZ Records held a folk festival. 10 incredible bands played all day and night. It was a blast! Here is a playlist of live songs from that day. Enjoy! And thank you to River Valley Rangers, Scott William, Charlie in the Moonlight, Birthrates, Blackest Crow, Midijoyful, Before Fire Butterfly, Bora Bora, Honey Hole Johnson, and Matthew McNeal!


May 21, 2017

Episode 263 The Threads!

The Threads are a group of talented young men with great stories to tell. We had a fun conversation. Check out their sessions at youtube.com/dzrecords and check them out at https://www.thethreadsband.com/ Turn up the Bruce!


May 14, 2017

Episode 262 Orange Dilemma!

Orange Dilemma came by the DZ a while back and rocked out a great session and interview! Check them out https://www.reverbnation.com/orangedilemma2 and check out their sessions at youtube.com/dzrecords and dig us on instagram @friendswithmusic


May 5, 2017

Episode 261 Candy Ambulance!

Super excited to be bringing you this episod! Simply put, Candy Ambulance is awesome! They rock a couple great session videos and we had a fun chat. Enjoy and tell a friend! And download all their music, you will not regret it... https://candyambulance.bandcamp.com/ youtube.com/dzrecords


Apr 29, 2017

Episode 260 Nimrod!

Nimrod came out for a session, a show and a podcast. And guess what, they rocked them all! Benj had to fill in for me on this one and does a great job. Enjoy some Nimrod! http://nimrodtheband.com/


Apr 22, 2017

Episode 259 Teri GenderBender Le Butcherettes!

*production note* There is a slight buzz throughout this interview. I cannot apologize enough for this. But i feel like the conversation is too good not to release. Now on with the show...   AAAAHHHHH the excitement still has not worn off! I had a chance to speak with Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes recently. She truly is magical. We talked about Chicago, Shirley Manson, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, more Chicago, and so much more I dont remember because my mind is spinning! Catch Le Butcherettes @lebutcherettes on all social media. And see them when they inevitably come to your town live. Thank you


Apr 15, 2017

Episode 258 Sqare Donuts!

The very smooth Square Donuts from Urbana IL come out for a great session and an interview. Do not miss this one. And make sure to check them out https://squaredonuts.bandcamp.com/


Apr 9, 2017

Episode 257 IWR!

Idiots With Ryhum (pronounced rhythm) https://soundcloud.com/idiotswithryhum  https://www.reverbnation.com/idiotswithryhum


Apr 2, 2017

Episode 256 Jon White!

Had a great one on one conversation with Jon White recently. I talked way too much. Jon is a great dude. Check out how great he is here http://www.firstclassfools.com/


Mar 26, 2017

Episode 255 Bill from The Great Albums Podcast!

Bill from The Great Albums podcast joined me via skype a while back. We had a great conversation about all things music and podcasts. I cannot recommend his show more. Go to http://www.thegreatalbums.com/ and find one of your favorite albums!


Mar 18, 2017

Episode 254 White Mystery FYMS!

White Mystery is releasing their 8th album called F.Y.M.S. on April 20. I got a chance to talk with Miss Alex White a bit about the new album. She is the best and White Mystery have been favorites of mine for a while. So I am biased when I say this album is killer!! Pre order it here https://whitemystery.bandcamp.com/album/f-y-m-s and catch them on tour now http://www.whitemysteryband.com/shows/ 


Mar 4, 2017

Episode 252 Favorite Albums with Andrew!

Andrew and I sat down and talked about some of our favorite albums. Having these talks with friends has been so much fun! Listen to us goof around and eventually get down to business.


Feb 25, 2017

Episode 251 Catching up with Matthew McNeal!

A while back I got a chance to catch up with Matthew McNeal and Andre Black. These guys are the definition of salt of the earth rock and roll. Long time friends of DZ Records. Check them out here http://matthewmcneal.com/ and here https://matthewmcneal.bandcamp.com/


Feb 19, 2017

Episode 250 Lustera!

Lustera has a new EP coming out Feb 27 you can pre order it here https://lusteramusic.bandcamp.com/album/farpoint-ep also to check out their awesome DZ Session videos here youtube.com/dzrecords


Feb 11, 2017

Episode 249 Secret Lives!

The Secret Lives came by and rocked DZ Records and stayed for a great conversation. I dont remember much but Im pretty sure we talked a lot about video games. Dig them! https://www.facebook.com/TheSecretLives/


Feb 4, 2017

Episode 248 Diagonal!

Chicago rock and roll at its finest! How awesome was it that Diagonal came by for a session and an interview? https://diagonalchicago.bandcamp.com/ dig what they do!


Jan 31, 2017

Episode 247 Coyote Man’s New Album!

Coyote Man just released a breand new self titled album, and guess what? It rips!! Check it out here https://coyoteman.bandcamp.com/releases and here https://soundcloud.com/coyotemanband


Jan 27, 2017

Episode 246 Kodakrome!

Kadakrome came in and kicked ass. They did one of my favorite sessions. Check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q226BcP8ntw and dig them here https://www.facebook.com/Kodakrometheband/


Jan 21, 2017

Episode 245 The Inn Keepers!

The Inn Keepers stopped by late last year for a session. They were kind enough to stick around and chat with me as well. Check them out here http://www.theinnkeepersmusic.com/ and dig their stuff here https://theinnkeepers.bandcamp.com/


Jan 15, 2017

Episode 244 Little Boy Jr!

Before the break Little Boy Jr came by the DZ for a couple great sessions and a conversation. Great dudes, good times! Check them out https://littleboyjr.bandcamp.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/LittleBoyJr/ you will not be disappointed


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