Jun 25, 2016

Episode 215 Coyote Man!

The almighty Coyote Man torn the paint off of DZ Records! My ears are still ringing from this one. You cannot miss this episode! Look out for them at DZ Fest July 2-3 they will be playing D stage the 3rd @3:30 pm be there!!!


Jun 18, 2016

Episode 214 Johnny Lightning and the Thunder!

Johnny Lightning and the Thunder came in and tore up DZ Records! We had so much fun jamming with them. Check them out https://johnnylightningandthethunder.bandcamp.com/ and dig their DZ Sessions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hstcbyBahyg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUp32ojFaDc


Jun 11, 2016

Episode 213 Namorado!

Our old pals Namorado stopped by for a session and a podcast and a Bulls game. That's right, I said Bulls game. We had a great time! You gotta check them out https://namorado.bandcamp.com/releases


Jun 3, 2016

Episode 212 Jackie Islands!

Jackie Islands stopped by DZ Records a while back to rock out a session and an interview. We had a great time chatting. Dig them https://jackieislands.bandcamp.com/ Dig us youtube.com/dzrecords