Feb 27, 2016

Episode 197 Kirby Jayes!

Kirby Jayes came by DZ Records and blew us all away with a great session (youtube.com/dzrecords). They stuck around for this interview as well. Please check them out and support https://kirbyjayes.bandcamp.com/releases


Feb 20, 2016

Epsode 196 Fletcher Rockwell!

A band like Fletcher Rockwell really make our jobs so much easier. Great guys, great music. Super excited to bring you this latest episode. Check them out here as well http://www.fletcherrockwell.com/


Feb 13, 2016

Episode 195 Little Yellow Dog!

We had the great pleasure of having Little Yellow Dog in for a session and interview. They are pretty awesome! Check them out here http://www.littleyellowdogband.com/ and enjoy!


Feb 10, 2016

Episode 194 Robbie from The Simpsons Show returns!

Robbie from The Simpsons Show Podcast is back! They just released their 100th episode so I decided to have him back to talk all things Simpsons! Its great when someone from a podcast you listen to a lot is cool enough to just come on your own show. Robbie's a great dude and his show is awesome. Happy 100 Simpsons Show!!! Find them here http://www.thesimpsonsshow.com/


Feb 8, 2016

Episode 193 Nectar!

The band Nectar joins us on todays show. Simply put. They. Are. Awesome. You gotta check them out! https://nectarnectar.bandcamp.com/


Feb 3, 2016

Episode 192 Julie! part 2… Smoothie Strategies

Enjoy the healthiest FWM episode ever! Julie and I go on and on,,,, and on about our smoothie making strategies. Too. Much. Fun.