Sep 26, 2015

Episode 174 Supertrash!

During their tour of the Midwest, the band Supertrash stopped by for a great session and interview. They were super cool. We had fun hanging with them. Shout out to Owensboro! Dig their stuff


Sep 19, 2015

Episode 173 Two Japanese Dudes Kicking a Ball From L.A. to New York!

So remember the time 2 Japanese dudes were kicking a ball from LA to New York and they stumbled across DZ Records and stayed there for a few days and had a bunch of food and good times then continued on their merry way to NY? Yeah that actually happened! Luckily Benj sat them down in front of some mics. There story is super cool. Hope you dig!


Sep 11, 2015

Episode 172 Corvids!

We had Corvids in the other day for an awesome session ( and they were kind enough to stay for an interview. Great musicians and even greater people! Please help spread the word and tell some people about us! Thank you! Enjoy!


Sep 4, 2015

Episode 171 Jaye Williams from In The Galaxy Podcast!

Jaye Williams is the co-host of the great In The Galaxy Podcast. He joins us via Skype for this one. We had an awesome conversation. Check out his show here  and @inthegalaxypodcast on instagram. (oh and check out episode #88 of his show to hear me long windedly talk about stuff) Dig it!