Aug 28, 2015

Episode 170 We got Married! Part 2

Continuing the celebration of our marriage. Enjoy this reception playlist! @friendswithmusic on instagram and @fwmpod on twitter, hit us up!  


Aug 23, 2015

Episode 169 We got Married! part 1

We got married! 8-22-2015 Come celebrate with us


Aug 16, 2015

Episode 168 Airbnb talk with Kasia!

Kasia and I talked a lot. This episode we talk pretty much all about Airbnb. This is not an Airbnb commercial, we just really enjoy what they do. This was going to be a bonus episode but time sort of got in the way. Hope you enjoy! Check us out on all our social medias, like share and tell a friend!


Aug 9, 2015

Episode 167 Kasia!

A great long over due chat with Kasia! It was a lot of fun talking one on one with her. And it was even more fun putting together her playlist. Enjoy! Check us out on instagram @friendswithmusic


Aug 2, 2015

Episode 166 Peekaboos!

The super rad band Peekaboos came by the other day! So excited to present to you the conversation we had. You gotsta check them out