Sep 29, 2013

Episode 65 Riotfest Wrap up with Joe and Thigh Tats!

Hello everybody! This is a very special episode. Recorded on location at the legendary Huck Finns Restaurant. Former guest Joe and future guest Thigh Tats tell stories about their Riotfest experiences. And we did some general chatting. Hope you all dig it. Go tell a friend if you did. Hell tell a friend if you didn't


Sep 21, 2013

Episode 64 Julien!

Bon jour! Welcome to Friends With Music the French Canadian edition. This episode has it all, cool accent, an above ground graveyard, an amazing drummer, what more could you ask for! Julien is one of the best. He is a great dude and we rocked an awesome conversation out in New Orleans. I hope you dig it. Rise Mojo Rise!


Sep 13, 2013

Episode 63 Tess Brunet!

Hello all welcome back! Very excited for todays episode. Our guest is Tess Brunet. If you are not familiar with Tess, go get familiar! She is among other things a great song writer with a powerful voice, a runner of a record shop, and a drum killer. That's right a drum killer! We had a great chat outside her record shop, Lagniappe Records, in Baton Rouge. Hit play and enjoy!


Sep 8, 2013

Episode 62 Daisy!

Welcome welcome everyone! This episode biked here all the way from jolly ol England. DZfest legend Daisy joins us for a nice chat. We talk about how bugs shouldn't exist and of all people Chis Isaak. An instant classic. Thank you in advance for the high ratings on iTunes and the positive comments. Help spread the word DZrecords and Friends With Music is moving on up!


Sep 1, 2013

Episode 61 Justina!

Hello welcome back! Todays guest is Justina. And believe me it is action packed and full of twists and turns. Did we talk about dreams, yes! Did we eat cupcakes, you better believe it! Did you discuss music and the normal things we do on this show, uhm maybe! All I know is Justina was great and is very talented. She is officially a DZfest veteran. Thank you all for checking us out. Tune in press play enjoy! And help spread the word!