Aug 23, 2013

Episode 60 Suzy!

Friends With Music is back! This time with descriptions! Sorry about the technical difficulties folks. The lovely and short Suzy is our guest this week. She drops a bunch of names that I cant pronounce, or spell. And we had a lot of fun. If you dig it please rat and share and all that good stuff. Thank you so much. Hot cross buns y'all


Aug 16, 2013

Episode 59 Devin!

Hello all! Welcome back! Im excited for todays show, its a good one. Devin joins us at DZrecords and we do some talking. She is very talented. She did a couple songs for us after, if you haven't checked out her sessions, do so! The audio of said sessions are part of this episodes playlist. Hope you dig. Big things keep happening. Go wake somebody up and tell them about this wonderful show. Thank you


Aug 9, 2013

Episode 58 Laura!

Hey there, welcome back! Laura is todays guest. We had a great little chat. I hope you all dig it. Friends With Music is now 58 strong. Help keep the momentum, spread the good word. Word


Aug 3, 2013

Episode 57 Trobe!

Welcome back y'all! 57 strong! Todays guest is Trobe. After him and Benj tripped out and talked music equipment and chords and junk, we eventually sit down for a good chat. Thank you so much for coming by. Leave positive reviews and stuff! Oh and TELL A FRIEND!