May 26, 2013

Episode 47 Andrew!

Hi everybody! Thank you for tuning in to another great episode. Director, documentarian, music lover, and overall super cool dude Andrew stops by the DZ. I feel like I shorted him on his episode. We have had plenty of awesome conversations off mic that for some reason or another never got brought up during this episode. He will be back, that is a promise. So many great things keep happening here with the show. Thank you all for keeping me motivated! Please help spread the word. Word!


May 18, 2013

Episode 46 B!

Welcome back friends! Todays episode is with B! If you dont know B, hit play and get to know him. We did so much laughing and this one was actually a lot of fun to edit. We tried to keep the inside jokes to a minimum, but its not easy when you have so many! Thank you all for sticking around. Hope you are enjoying all this goodness! And if you havent already,,, GO TELL A FRIEND!!!


May 11, 2013

Episode 45 David Avantist!

Hello all! Friends with music podcast is back. David the guitarist from the Avantist and Esta Vivo joins us for an awesome chat. If youre keeping track at home 2 Avantist down, 2 more to go. So much is happening. Go check out the Avantist on bandcamp. More importantly check them out live. Thanks so much to everyone for pressing play or download or like or whatever you pressed to get this. Tell a friend!


May 4, 2013

Episode 44 Bonnaroo vs Osheaga vs Lollapalooza!

Hello everyone! Welcome back! On this weeks show former guest Sheri comes by and we discuss 3 awesome music fests. Bonnaroo Osheaga and Lolla. We break down the line ups and give some helpful tips for any festgoer this summer. All punctuated with an awesome playlist! Thanks so much for checkin us out. The FWM podcast continues to do great things. Please help spread the word. Word