Apr 29, 2017

Episode 260 Nimrod!

Nimrod came out for a session, a show and a podcast. And guess what, they rocked them all! Benj had to fill in for me on this one and does a great job. Enjoy some Nimrod! http://nimrodtheband.com/


Apr 22, 2017

Episode 259 Teri GenderBender Le Butcherettes!

*production note* There is a slight buzz throughout this interview. I cannot apologize enough for this. But i feel like the conversation is too good not to release. Now on with the show...   AAAAHHHHH the excitement still has not worn off! I had a chance to speak with Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes recently. She truly is magical. We talked about Chicago, Shirley Manson, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, more Chicago, and so much more I dont remember because my mind is spinning! Catch Le Butcherettes @lebutcherettes on all social media. And see them when they inevitably come to your town live. Thank you


Apr 15, 2017

Episode 258 Sqare Donuts!

The very smooth Square Donuts from Urbana IL come out for a great session and an interview. Do not miss this one. And make sure to check them out https://squaredonuts.bandcamp.com/


Apr 9, 2017

Episode 257 IWR!

Idiots With Ryhum (pronounced rhythm) https://soundcloud.com/idiotswithryhum  https://www.reverbnation.com/idiotswithryhum


Apr 2, 2017

Episode 256 Jon White!

Had a great one on one conversation with Jon White recently. I talked way too much. Jon is a great dude. Check out how great he is here http://www.firstclassfools.com/