Feb 25, 2017

Episode 251 Catching up with Matthew McNeal!

A while back I got a chance to catch up with Matthew McNeal and Andre Black. These guys are the definition of salt of the earth rock and roll. Long time friends of DZ Records. Check them out here http://matthewmcneal.com/ and here https://matthewmcneal.bandcamp.com/


Feb 19, 2017

Episode 250 Lustera!

Lustera has a new EP coming out Feb 27 you can pre order it here https://lusteramusic.bandcamp.com/album/farpoint-ep also to check out their awesome DZ Session videos here youtube.com/dzrecords


Feb 11, 2017

Episode 249 Secret Lives!

The Secret Lives came by and rocked DZ Records and stayed for a great conversation. I dont remember much but Im pretty sure we talked a lot about video games. Dig them! https://www.facebook.com/TheSecretLives/


Feb 4, 2017

Episode 248 Diagonal!

Chicago rock and roll at its finest! How awesome was it that Diagonal came by for a session and an interview? https://diagonalchicago.bandcamp.com/ dig what they do!