Nov 26, 2016

Episode 237 The Roalde Dahls!

The Roalde Dahls came by and melted the DZ. Great dudes, great music, and great to see live! Check out all they do here and here


Nov 21, 2016

Episode 236 DZ Fest 2016 Day 2 Stage Z!

The last of our DZ Fest 2016 playlists. This one is from day 2 stage Z. Includin music from Alright Panther, Leafy Greens, Special Death, Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp, The Flips, Love in the Dark, Lever, Black Bear Rodeo, Tara Terra, and The Peekaboos. Check out the videos on Enjoy!


Nov 17, 2016

Episode 235 DZ Fest 2016 Day 2 Stage D!

Here is another great playlist from DZ Fest 2016. This time its all the bands from day 2 stage D: Evan Opitz, Jackie Islands, Namorado, Coyote Man, Mr Ma'am, Post Child, Hartford/Focht, Them Dead Poets, Esta Vivo, and Wilshire! So much good live local music! Enjoy!


Nov 6, 2016

Episode 234 DZ Fest 2016 Day 1 Stage Z!

Another great local live playlist from DZ Fest 2016! This one is from day 1 stage Z, including the bands MOM, Midijoyful, Little Yellow Dog, Pantomime, Menacerno, Bora Bora, Matthew McNeal, Fox and the Acres, Bad Bad Meow, and Blah Blah Blah. Thank you for coming out to the show if you did. Hope you enjoy the playlist