Sep 30, 2016

Episode 228 Intimate Evenings from October and November 2015!

We put on a shows in October and November 2015 and they were awesome! Here are the tracks that were recorded during them! Check out the videos at


Sep 18, 2016

Episode 227 Intimate Evenings 8-29-15 & 9-26-15!

Finally the recorded songs from the DZ Intimate Evening shows are being released in podcast form! I know right!? Check out these songs from August 29 2015 and September 26 2015. Also go to to watch the videos and hit us up on instagram @friendswithmusic


Sep 12, 2016

Episode 226 Lung!

Lung came to us from Cincinnati, in the middle of their tour. They have a sound that immediately grabbed me. It was awesome talking to them! Check them out and check them out on tour in a city near you


Sep 3, 2016

Episode 225 The Hang Union!

My brain is still trying to process The Hang Union! One of the wackiest DZ Sessions we have ever had. And a great interview, tune in, press play!