Aug 28, 2016

Episode 224 Hugo!

Ceci est encore notre meilleur épisode ! Ou du moins il est mon préféré . Hugo est une légende ! Aces !!!

This is our best episode yet! Or at least it's my favorite. Hugo is a legend! Aces!!!


Aug 21, 2016

Episode 223 Robb Young and the Elms!

Robb Young and the Elms stopped by a while ago. Love drummers that sing! They were great and a lot of fun to talk to! Check them out here and check out their session videos here


Aug 13, 2016

Episode 222 Fox and the Hounds!

We were blown away by Fox and the Hounds when they did their DZ Session ( and we had so much fun chatting with them for the podcast! You gotta get into this band! Oh, also, do yourself a favor and watch their 99 problems video!!!!


Aug 6, 2016

Episode 221 DZ Fest Talk wih Benj!

The tradition continues! The 5th annual after DZ Fest talk with Benj. It was such a blur. I don't really remember what we talked about. All I know is we were wrecked. Thank you for coming out to the fest if you did, and thank you for continuing to dig what we do here at FWM. You all are the best!