Jul 30, 2016

Episode 220 Charlie in the Moonlight!

Charlie in the Moonlight stopped by for a late night session and chat. This is a good one that sort of went all over the place. He's a great guy and makes some good music! Enjoy!


Jul 23, 2016

Episode 219 Noxious Neighbors!

Greetings from the great white north! Live from Montreal Quebec Canada! (almost) We bring you Noxious Neighbors. Hard hitting, fast and loud. You cannot ask for much more! Dig the episode dig the music https://noxiousneighbors.bandcamp.com/


Jul 16, 2016

Episode 218 Bernie and the Wolf!

Bernie and the Wolf stopped by and crushed a DZ Session! And were kind enough to stick around for a chat. All I remember talking about is the AQUABATS! so tune in and turn up! http://www.bernieandthewolf.com/ Listen to everything they have! https://bernieandthewolf.bandcamp.com/


Jul 9, 2016

Episode 217 Sun Fallen!

Sun Fallen came over and brought so much rock and roll with them! You gotta hear it! http://www.sunfallen.com/


Jul 4, 2016

Sam Crossland and the Side Effects!

So a while back we had Sam Crossland and the Side Effects in for a session and an interview. We had a ton of fun hanging out and jamming with them! Dig it https://samcrossland.bandcamp.com/