Apr 29, 2016

Episode 207 The Belvederes!

The Belvederes are our latest guests. They are killer musicians that do not stop. We had a ton of fun hanging out and jamming. Check them out here http://thebelvederes.com/


Apr 28, 2016

Episode 206 Bonus April 28, 2006!

Exactly 10 years ago today was the greatest live experience of my life. This is a quick episode of me trying to remember all I can from it. Hope you dig! Let me know what your favorite show was facebook.com/friendswithmusic @friendswithmusic on instagram and @fwmpod on twitter


Apr 24, 2016

Episode 205 Fox and the Acres!

We had a great time hanging out and chatting with Fox and the Acres. So much fun. Politics, weddings, and broken glass (I think that was in this episode) Check them out! http://foxandtheacres.com/ and https://foxandtheacres.bandcamp.com/


Apr 17, 2016

Episode 204 Lever!

Lever tore down DZ Records with their sessions. And were kind enough to stick around for an interview. Check them out https://leverband.bandcamp.com/ and check out their session videos youtube.com/dzrecords


Apr 10, 2016

Episode 203 Black Rhino!

Black Rhino blasted through DZ Records with a couple of sessions and a great interview. This is a fun one. Dig it! https://www.facebook.com/Blackrhinochicago/


Apr 2, 2016

Episde 202 Alrght Panther!

Alright Panther joins us on this episode. We had a blast jammin and talkin. You gotta check them out https://alrightpanther.bandcamp.com/