Jul 25, 2015

Episode 165 Baby Money!

Baby Money came by the DZ to jam for us for a session and they stuck around for an interview. It was a fun chat! This is Baby Money's world, we are all just loose change https://babymoney.bandcamp.com/     (oh, producers note: the audio for this ep. might be a little funny. sorry!!!)   Thanks for finding us! Please like and share and tell a friend!


Jul 18, 2015

Episode 164 Bloom!

Bloom is the best! https://bloomisthebest.bandcamp.com/releases And they stopped by the DZ for a great session and interview. Enjoy their sounds! And share and tell everyone you know!


Jul 11, 2015

Episode 163 Love in the Dark!

The super slick and very talented band Love In The Dark join us on todays show. There is a lot of them so get ready for this one. They are great people that make great music https://loveinthedark.bandcamp.com/ We also have a lot going on so please follow the instagram @friendswithmusic and twitter @fwmpod Thank you


Jul 6, 2015

Episode 162 James Neary!

James Neary is our guest for todays episode. A great dude that played some great tunes for us. His sessions were awesome and it was fun chatting with him. Check him out give him a like https://www.facebook.com/JamesNearyMusic