Jun 28, 2015

Episode 161 Hunting Jacket!

Christian William aka Hunting Jacket aka Fall Fox stopped by DZ Records for a great session and interview. Check out his stuff here https://christianwilliam.bandcamp.com/ its all good 


Jun 21, 2015

Episode 160 Black Eyes!

The gentlemen of Black Eyes came by the DZ for a hand and a session and an interview. Great dudes great chat. Enjoy them! https://www.youtube.com/user/windgrabsymmetry/videos also too please give us a follow on instagram @friendswithmusic and twitter @fwmpod and facebook.com/friendswithmusic ya dig


Jun 13, 2015

Episode 159 Colonel!

Ok so this is sort of a crazy episode. There really is no way of explaining, you just need to hit play to find out why. Colin aka Colonel was an awesome guest for putting up with some technical difficulties. He did a great DZ Session for us as well https://www.youtube.com/user/windgrabsymmetry/videos Dig and share and help spread the word!


Jun 7, 2015

Episode 158 Matthew McNeal!

Listen up! All the way from Fort Worth Texas, Matthew McNeal and his drummer Andre traversed the Chicago traffic and explored the unknown in our basement studio. We had so much fun hosting them, oh and let me tell ya, dudes can jam! Just in time for you all to get excited for his new album Compadre, coming out June 30! Pre order it and all that good stuff here http://matthewmcneal.com/ C'mon now, put a little Fort Worth in your Chicago!