May 30, 2015

Episode 157 Tara Terra!

All the way from Champaign IL our guests Tara Terra came by for a couple great session videos and stuck around for an interview. Enjoy them 


May 27, 2015

Episode 156 Finally Mark! part 2… video games

Mark and I talked a lot. This was a chunk of our video game conversation. Good stuff. Dig and share. Follow @friendswithmusic on instagram and @fwmpod on twitter


May 24, 2015

Episode 155 Finally Mark!

After a few attempts, we finally got Mark in for a chat. Resident DZ security, gamer, wearer of dresses, saver of lives, and overall great dude! With a great playlist at the end. Enjoy! Also hit us up @fwmpod on twitter and @friendswithmusic on instagram


May 17, 2015

Episode 154 John Till!

John Till come by DZ Records for a really good session Dude makes some killer music You gotta check it all out!


May 9, 2015

Episode 153 April Richardson!

The super awesome comedian April Richardson joins us on this episode. I caught up with her after a show up in Milwaukee. We had a great conversation that may have went a little long. She really is the best. Need proof? Hit play and find out! And find her live and catch up on all her social medias and stuff here 


May 2, 2015

Episode 152 Follis is Back!

Thee Mr John Follis is back on FWM. Never a dull moment when he is around. He did a great session for us with Mike Dixon as Midijoyful  Then he stuck around for a quick, well, not exactly an interview. More like an off the rails story. Enjoy!