Mar 28, 2015

Episode 147 The Bribes!

The Bribes are with us in this new episode. They crushed a DZ Session, then sat down for a great chat! This is mandatory 


Mar 21, 2015

Episode 146 Leo!

Leo from the band Punky Brewster sat down for a chat after his band did a great DZ Session. Check it out here Dig all our stuff and like all our social medias and @fwmpod on twitter and iTunes and facebook. You can do it. I believe in you


Mar 15, 2015

Episode 145 John Niehoff!

John Niehoff is a great dude. He had a really good one on one chat. Talked a lot about records. He has quite the collection. And stick around for an awesome playlist. Also please check us out on and @fwmpod on twitter thank you!


Mar 7, 2015

Episode 144 Luke Henry and Rabbitfoot!

Luke Henry and Rabbitfoot came by the DZ for a great session and interview. Check them out great dudes great chat. Keep an eye out for them. And say hello to Luke if you happen to be in the New Zealand area