Feb 28, 2015

Episode 143 Intimate Winter Evening!

This is a quick playlist from the most recent Intimate Evening at DZ Records on 1-31-15. A big thank you to all who showed up and enjoyed the great music. And a bigger thank you to those playing the music; Trevorrrrrrr (aka Mom), Midifoyful, Joe and Jamee, Victoria Blade, and Fee-Lion


Feb 24, 2015

Episode 142 Fern from The Avantist! part 2

The much anticipated part 2 of my conversation with Fern from The Avantist. Warning: this is a basketball heavy episode with a short playlist of specific songs. Don't forget about his first episode. And you must must must check out his band https://theavantist.bandcamp.com/


Feb 21, 2015

Episode 141 Fern from The Avantist! part 1

Fern the singer of the great local band The Avantist was finally on the show. About 3 years in the making. And of course we couldn't stop talking. This is part one of a great two part episode. Hope you dig. Oh and you gotta check out The Avantist https://theavantist.bandcamp.com/ they are one of the best bands around


Feb 14, 2015

Episode 140 Glass Mountain!

The might Glass Mountain stopped by DZ Records the other day to do a great session and interview. Hit play and enjoy! Check them out http://glassmountaintrio.bandcamp.com/releases  and please check us out on facebook and instagram.com/friendswithmusic and rate review and subscribe on iTunes. You are the best


Feb 8, 2015

Episode 139 Another Shuffle Roulette with P.R.E.!

Punk Rock Eric and I put our ipods on shuffle and battled to the death! Press play and see who is the last man standing. Please rate and review us on iTunes and check us out on facebook and instagram. Share and help spread the word!