Dec 26, 2014

Episode 133 A DZ Playlist for Christmas!

Benjamin, Andrew and myself put together some of our favorite DZ Session tunes for this music heavy Christmas episode. Check out all the videos for these songs here Hope you all had a great Christmas. Thank goodness its over


Dec 21, 2014

Episode 132 Emersion!

Emer and Stefan of the band Emersion stopped by the DZ to play their acoustic/violin/rap/spoken word infused music. It was awesome! what happens when Dublin and San Diego collide? Press play and find out! As always, thanks for tuning in and tell a friend!!


Dec 14, 2014

Episode 131 Victoria Blade!

The amazing Victoria Blade stopped by the DZ and played some great songs for us. And we had a really good chat after. Press play and enjoy!


Dec 6, 2014

Episode 130 Follies!

Kate from Follies came by the DZ not too long ago to jam for us and sit for an interview. Check out her soundcloud here tons of great stuff on there!