Oct 28, 2014

Episode 124 Bonus Talking Basketball!

Another NBA season is just about to start. You know what that means! This music podcast is talkin hoops! Johnny A comes by and we quickly rattle off opinions and facts about the upcoming season. Will the Bulls dominate the east? Will D Rose win another MVP? Will Thibs play his rookies? The answers to those questions and so much more in this episode (spoiler alert: YES!) unedited for your listening pleasure 


Oct 25, 2014

Episode 123 Another Shuffle Roulette with P.R.E.!

Thee Punk Rock Eric came by and we put our ipods on shuffle. Cant tell you what happens next, you gotta tune in! Come listen to some music with us!


Oct 18, 2014

Episode 122 Boss Fight!

The mighty Boss Fight come out to the DZ and did a great session with us. We may or may not have talked more about the Mighty Ducks movies more then music. Im not quite sure. You will have to tune in to find out. Dig and share http://bossfightchicago.bandcamp.com/ 


Oct 11, 2014

Episode 121 A Cool Hand!

These dudes were awesome! They came in, jammed some killer tunes, chatted for a great interview and then stuck around and watched the Bears game with us! Please check them out https://acoolhand.bandcamp.com/

Oct 3, 2014

Episode 120 Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp!

Welcome back everybody! Joe and Aurora from the band Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp joined us for a DZ Session and an interview. Great people great music great talk. Enjoy and share! http://hunthunthuntcamp.bandcamp.com