Aug 29, 2014

Episode 115 Robbie from The Simpsons Show Podcast!

Greetings podcast-a-reenos! This is a very special episode. Robbie from the super awesome Simpsons Show Podcast joins us via Skype. We talked for a long time about, well, The Simpsons! It was so much fun talking with him, he's a great dude and his podcast is excellent! Check it out before I run out of Simpsons references to drop in this description  Oh and a quick shout out to Matt his co host, he couldn't make the interview, he was busy harvesting lima beans for somebody called The Leader


Aug 23, 2014

Episode 114 New Color!

Hey there friends welcome back! The band New Color are out guests on this one. They played some tunes for us in the DZ Studio, check them out Some great stuff! Dig it and share it!


Aug 16, 2014

Episode 113 Counterfeit I!

Hello there loyal listener! Todays show is with the band Counterfeit I. You may recognize that name, we had on Derek a couple months ago. We got the entire band to come by the DZ and jam out for us. Check them out And check out the videos they did for us search dz records


Aug 8, 2014

Episode 112 Fight With Monsters!

We have another FWM on FWM! The band Fight With Monsters joined us for a DZ session and a quick chat. Check them out Good stuff good dudes. Check out the videos they did for us on youtube and Thanks yall!


Aug 1, 2014

Episode 111 Kyle Corbin!

We have a great episode for you all! Kyle Corbin came by, played a little music and chatted with us. We talked a lot about basketball, which may or may not be included I don't remember. And we talked a lot about TMBG! Good times good dude. Check him out Thanks!