Jun 28, 2014

Episode 106 Sara Tea!

We are now 106 strong! On todays show we have a phone interview I did with the great Sara Tea! She was kind enough to call in and chat with me for a little bit. We talked about fashion and drumming and everything in between. She cannot be stopped. And theres a killer playlist at the end. Check her out at http://sarateashop.com/ hit her up on FB https://www.facebook.com/sarateashop and twitter @saratea   thanks everyone for hittin play! Enjoy!


Jun 21, 2014

Episode 105 Knitted Cap Club!

Welcome back everyone! On this episode we have a very special guests, The Knitted Cap Club is here! They did an awesome DZ Session and stuck around for an interview. Thanks for hitting play. Check them out http://theknittedcapclub.com/


Jun 16, 2014

Episode 104 BigJoy!

The amazing band BigJoy joined us for an awesome session! Some serious rockin! Check them out http://big-joy.bandcamp.com/ and check out their DZ Session http://www.youtube.com/user/windgrabsymmetry/videos Thanks yall!


Jun 7, 2014

Episode 103 Tim!

Im very excited for this one. Tim our guest was a blast to have in the DZ. Another long talk creatively edited. We talked a lot of literature, punk rock, trends old and new, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember. Thanks for checking us out. Hope you dig! If you can please leave positive reviews on iTunes and https://www.facebook.com/friendswithmusicpodcast @fwmpod on twitter and instagram.com/friendswithmusic