Apr 26, 2014

Episode 97 Jeffery! part 1

Hey there friends thanks for tuning in. Jeffery and I had an awesome conversation. Hes a great dude. We must have talked for hours! It took us a while to get to actually talking to music. Hit play and find out what goes on


Apr 19, 2014

Episode 96 TacocaT!

Im super excited for this episode! The amazing Tacocat sat down with me for a great chat after a show here recently. They were the best! We talked about spiders and Tom Petty and Summah and a bunch of other things I don't remember. They just released an awesome new album that you can find here http://tacocatdotcom.com/ The best album of the year so far no doubt. Dig


Apr 12, 2014

Episode 95 Derek from Counterfeit I!

Derek from the band Counterfeit I stopped by DZ Records for a quick chat. Great dude, great band. They just released a new album Still Vol. II Check it out here http://counterfeiti.bandcamp.com/


Apr 5, 2014

Episode 94 Ratboys!

Hey there everybody. Ratboys stopped by the DZ for a session and a "quick" interview. We talked about deaf parents and basketball for a long time. What made the final cut? tune in and find out!