Feb 22, 2014

Episode 88 Another Shat Shuffle!

Sheri and I put our ipods on shuffle. Come listen to music with us!


Feb 17, 2014

Episode 87 Follis!

Mr John Follis joins us on todays show. This is part one of two. We had a great chat. Hes a good dude


Feb 9, 2014

Episode 86 Reid!

Master builder and almost sober. Reid came by after an early Blackhawks game. It was a fun chat. He was, well, a little loose. Thank you all for finding us. Dig it!


Feb 1, 2014

Episode 85 Ela!

That's right, Ela was on the show! Those of you that know Ela know how difficult it was to get her to sit down and chat. Im glad she did tho, it was a lot of fun. Thank you Ela for allowing the torture! Thank you all for sticking around. Dig and share and stuff