Jan 25, 2014

Episode 84 Ryno!

Hello there friends! Welcome back to the greatest podcast to come out of a basement in the s/w suburbs of Chicago. Our guest today is Ryno. We talked about redbull and the blues and a bunch of other things I don't remember. All I know is it was a fun chat. Press play and enjoy. Tell a friend and subscribe on iTunes and all that good stuff. Thank you!


Jan 18, 2014

Episode 83 Wheeler!

Hey everyone! Todays guest is a professional. Ian Wheeler of the radio show Wheelers Weekend Jams at windycityunderground.com joins us for a great chat. He does great things over there and has been pumping out some awesome interviews! We talked a little Smashmouth a little Rollins Band and a lot of 311. The 311 stuff had to be slightly edited. (sorry, but we talked for like 30-40 minutes on just 311!) So hit play and enjoy! And remember that's Wheelers Weekend Jams every Sunday night 7-9 at windycityunderground.com


Jan 15, 2014

Episode 82 Bonus B-sides with Craig!

Hey everyone. When Craig was on the show we did a lot of talking. Here is some of the b-side stuff we chatted about. Followed of course by some killer music. We play another track by his new band Musical. Enjoy the midweek bonus episode! Hopefully more to come. Help spread the good word. Tell a friend!


Jan 11, 2014

Episode 81 Craig!

Welcome back everybody! Todays guest is Craig. He and I go way back to the old O.L. scene. He's been around and done some stuff. Created some good music and continues to pursue his passions. We talked for quite a while. Everything from album art to Mario RPG. We even debut a brand new track from his new project Musical. Check out like and share. Thanks a bunch. Dig


Jan 4, 2014

Episode 80 Shuffle Roulette with Punk Rock Eric!

Past guest Punk Rock Eric sits down for a deadly round of shuffle roulette. Our ipods duke it out to see who can come up with the better shuffle. Some great tunes pop up. Come listen to music with us!