Dec 28, 2013

Episode 79 DZ Fest 2013!

So DZ Fest 2013, the legend continues to grow. Long story short. All the recording I did during the fest got lost, except this conversation. Benj and I sat down at the end of the fest. I wanted to pick his brain a little but he didn't have much brain left. He was 98% fried. So we put this episode together in haste completely unedited. Benj did a great job. Now lets go twist and shout!


Dec 21, 2013

Episode 78 Christmas v. Anti-Christmas!

So Christmas is just about here. I don't know about you but its taking every ounce of strength in me to get out of bed every day. I hate the holidays! For too many reasons to type right now. It gets worse every year. So what do I do with this hatred? Make a playlist and episode for you guys. So that's what this is. Former guest Sheri made a pro-Christmas playlist and I made an anti-Christmas playlist. This is a trial. You are the judge.


Dec 14, 2013

Episode 77 Punk Rock Eric!

Hey yall welcome back! Im excited to bring you this episode. The P.R.E. joins us for a great chat about things I cant remember. The Effigies were mentioned no doubt. And there is a great playlist for this one, that I know for sure. Punk Rock Eric is legit. Hit play and find out why! Thanks! Share and like and all that good stuff. Double thanks!


Dec 7, 2013

Episode 76 Lou Weed on Lou Reed!

Lou Reed

March 2 1942 -October 27 2013