Nov 30, 2013

Episode 75 Vinny!

Wait what!? Vinny was on the show!? Are you sure? The ever elusive always entertaining drummer of Wilshire, Vinny joins us on this episode. And yes he was actually in the studio for this one. Dig it!


Nov 23, 2013

Episode 74 Shat Shuffle!

Sheri and I put our audio playing devices on shuffle. So come listen to so music with us.... Digging what we are doing? Check out more good stuff at   and of course FWM is on     Help spread the good word. Share and like. Thank you!


Nov 15, 2013

Episode 73 Dave Brockie!

Hey everyone! Todays guest is Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) of the hardest working rock and roll band out there, the almighty GWAR!!!! Yeah that's right, the lead singer of GWAR!!! He was nice enough to take some time out of his crazy schedule and sit down and talk for a little. I tried my hardest not to be lame. I think I did ok. And of course as soon as we got done talking I thought of a million better things to ask/say. Oh well, what can I say, im a huge fan of his work. Gwar has been a big part of my life for many many years now and it was an honor to sit down with Mr Brockie. I hope you all dig it. Help spread the good word, tell a friend!


Nov 9, 2013

Episode 72 Kari!

Hello everybody! This weeks guest comes to us all the way from Bulgaria. Kari is a professional yogi and podcast listener. We had a fun chat. Hope you dig it. Help spread the good word. Thanks all


Nov 2, 2013

Episode 71 Metal Mike A!

Hello friends! Super legend Metal Mike joins us today for a trip down memory lane. We go back a while. Hes a great dude and it show on this episode. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for hitting play! Please help us out by telling a friend. You are reading this so you know how to find us. And don't forget the DZ Records youtube channel too