Oct 30, 2013

Episode 70 Basketball Bonus!

Yeah I know this is a music podcast, but its MY music podcast, and I will do what I want with it dammit! And that includes releasing show about basketball. The basketball season is upon us. I cannot ignore it. So past basketball guests Johnny A and Rapido Edwardo join me for a quick breakdown of the up coming season. Hope you dig it. If you are not down with basketball, hell skip this one and press play on the next one, or the last one. As long as you all keep pressing play that's all that matters to me. Thank you so much! Go Bulls!!!!


Oct 25, 2013

Episode 69 Scott Dude!

Scott Dude is on this episode! Can you believe it? The legend himself took time out of his busy SoCal lifestyle to chat with us. Scott Dude is more then a man, he is a way of life. Hit play and enjoy everyone. And always remember, Shred The Gnar!


Oct 19, 2013

Episode 68 Gaby!

Welcome back friends! This is the third and final installment of our New Orleans series. This features the amazing Gaby! This was recorded in the garden district in New Orleans, half in an above ground graveyard and half just walking around mansions. Oh and we spent some quality time at the real world New Orleans house, I know how sweet! So turn this one up and enjoy the sounds of Summah and Gaby and I chatting away. Avoir un grand jour et de manger quelque chose de sain!


Oct 13, 2013

Episode 67 The Lantern Kickers!

Welcome back everybody! Thanks for hitting play. Todays awesome episode is with the old time band The Lantern Kickers. They are great folks and we had a great chat. They also did some recording here at DZ Records. Check that out on their bandcamp. They do good work so go support them. Tell them you heard them here on Friends With Music! 


Oct 4, 2013

Episode 66 Liam from the Cancer Bats!

Welcome back all! Liam from the Cancer Bats joins me on todays episode. We did some chatting outside the Abbey Pub here in Chicago. We geek out over Gwar and Clutch, we talk a bit about the Cancer Bats doing Black Sabbath under the name Bat Sabbath, genius I know, and we play some absolute killer tunes at the end. Thanks for sticking around hope you dig it