Jul 26, 2013

Episode 56 Julio!

Hey there welcome back! Another great one for you all. The transportationally impaired Julio stops by the DZ to chat. About what, I don't remember. This one was recorded awhile ago. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you for pressing play. Help us out, tell a friend, leave positive reviews, don't leave the water running while brushing your teeth


Jul 18, 2013

Episode 55 Valient Himself!

Lets get right to it. Valient Himself of the almighty Valient Thorr sat down with me behind Reggies! Can you believe it!? For those of you that follow the show you know how much this means to me. It was a great talk. Wish I could remember what we talkled about, my head was too busy spinning. Hes a great dude, and they crushed later that night! So here it is... A special Thursday,,, excuse me,,, THORRsday release! Enjoy


Jul 13, 2013

Episode 54 Andrew Bonnaroo!

Hey everybody! In this episode former guest Andrew stops by the DZ for a breakdown of his Bonnaroo experiences this year. He tells some pretty great stories. No music in this one. But stick around because future guest Trobe and I tell a pretty neat Bonnaroo story. Hope you all are digging the show! Thank you so much for sticking around. Help spread the word


Jul 6, 2013

Episode 53 Andrew WK!

Can you believe it! The mighty party god himself Andrew WK is todays guest! We talked for a little, then later on in the night he blasted us with party fury! The show was incredible! It was a great night. Hope you all enjoy this one. It was fun to do. Plenty more goodness to come. So stay tuned, tell a friend, turn it up