Apr 27, 2013

Episode 43 Playoff Preview… Plus record store day wrap up!

Hey all! On this weeks episode we break down the NBA playoffs. Yeah I know the playoffs have been going on for a week now. The show has been so busy lately. And its not always easy staying on top of things. Our resident basketball expert and former basketball guest Johnny A and the one and only Rapido Edwardo stop by for a break down of all the rounds and early predictions. I am also aware that this is a music podcast,,, So I threw in a quick run down of record store day 2013. So if you are not down with the basketball, fast forward a little and check out the awesome record store day finds. Thank you all for the continued support! Tell a friend. Help spread the word!


Apr 20, 2013

Episode 42 Morgan!

Hello friends! Thank you for joining us. On todays action packed episode Morgan joins us for some long over due catching up. Its always fun talking at length with Morgan and his opinion is one that I highly value. The dude is legit. Tons of good Fugazi talk and thats never a bad thing. Gather the family, tell a friend and hit play!


Apr 13, 2013

Episode 41 Cougars!

Wow what a show we have for you today! The band Cougars were kind enough to let me into their world of rock for a quick interview and, dig this, let me sit in on a practice! Yes seriously! For those of you not familiar with them please do yourself a favor and get familiar. The first part of this episode is the interview and the second part is what I recorded of there practice. They basically played a set for me and jammed out super hard. It came out sounding great but keep in mind it is a practice. I can go on and on but ill let the music do the talking here


Apr 6, 2013

Episode 40 Steven!

Welcome back friends. So glad you all could make it. The founder of the Wilshire fanclub and self proclaimed biggest Wilshire fan ever, Steven stops by the DZ for a nice chat. We picked his brain about early music, life as a radio dj, and what it takes to be a Wilshire fan. So please click play or download or refresh or however you do it. Thank you all so much! Hey start telling some friends! There will be a contest anouncement soon. AHH the suspense is killing me!!