Mar 29, 2013

Episode 39 Beta!

Hello there friends! On todays show the Beta Hata is in the DZ. All we basically did was laugh at each other, laugh at ourselves, and then laugh at each other some more. Somewhere in between all that there is some music talk. Join the fun! Thank you for hitting download. Please tell a friend


Mar 23, 2013

Episode 38 akaGunther!

Hey there friends! Welcome back all. akaGunther and I talked. Alot. About 311. Alot. It was a ton of fun and we may have mentioned a few more things other then 311. I dont remember really. Press play and find out. Hey and tell a frined please. If you all tell one person I would greatly appreciate it, You all are the best!!


Mar 15, 2013

Episode 37 Rocio!

Hello friends! This week we chat about candy, Spanish music, and other stuff I dont remember. I am kicking myself for not bringing up Shakira and my love for her song hips dont lie. Wait did I just say that out loud? No you idiot you typed it for all the world to see. Oh well. Hope you all have a great st. Patricks day. Be safe. Have fun... Oh and an all candy episode is coming soon! Get ready


Mar 9, 2013

Episode 36 White Mystery!

Chicagos own, White Mystery were kind enough to sit down and chat with me on todays episode. Not enough great things can be said about this band! They truly are local treasures. Thank you all for finding us and pressing play. If you dig this (and I know you will) check  get all the info you need there. And please, if you havent already, SEE THEM LIVE!!!!


Mar 2, 2013

Episode 35 Teddy!

Hey there! Welcome back friends! Todays guest is Teddy. You may recognize him from his band The Babarams and the work hes done with Esta Vivo. We talked alot and got a little deep at times. I really dont remember now. One way to find out is to hit play! or download! Thank you all for doing just that. This is a good one