Feb 23, 2013

Episode 34 Ashley!

Hey there friends! Thanks for coming back. On this weeks show Ashley stops by for a very impromptu conversation. She and her wicked guitar skills may have been put on the spot a little bit. We had a ton of fun and it was super cool of her to sit down and chat with us. Thank you all so much for pushing play. Please if you have not already, tell a friend! Give yourself some good music karma and pay it forward


Feb 16, 2013

Episode 33 Chris!

Hello friends! Welcome back. Chris is with us for todays episode. We talk mexican candy, Glen Big Dog Robinson, loneliness, oh yeah and some music. Hes a great dude and has supported us from the jump. Unfortunately he still hasnt found those sweet Spanish mixtapes. But when he does, its pants off dance off time!! Hope everybody had a successful Valentines day. Thank you for pressing play. Enjoy


Feb 9, 2013

Episode 32 Nic! part 2!

Welcome back everybody! Finally the thrilling conclusion to Nics epic episode. Not since Who Shot Mr Burns has a nation held their breath in such anticipation. Wait no more! Get ready for more nonsense from the DZ. Thank you all for sticking around. Please rate and review everything. I hate telling you what to do


Feb 1, 2013

Episode 31 Audrey!

Hello friends! Welcome back to the greatest podcast the HH has ever seen. Or heard. Todays guest is Audrey. All I really remember is that was a fun night and she held her own in the sausage filled DZ. Oh yeah and we talked a little opera. Good times. Thank you all for checking us out. Please tell a friend! Help spread the word. Word