Jan 26, 2013

Episode 30 Nic! part 1

I know what youre all thinking, Finally the most requested guest is on the show! What took so long? I'll tell you what took so long. Over five and a half hours of conversation! So after slaving over the editing process I now give you, Nics episode,,,, part 1! We went on and on about some great stuff. Too bad none of it made the final cut. Or did it? Click play to find out!


Jan 19, 2013

Episode 29 Larry!

Welcome back friends! Another exciting episode here. Larry joins us in the DZ for a great talk and a beautiful surprise at the end so make sure to check that out. This one was a lot of fun! Larry is a very handsome and slippery dude. I think that comes through here during the episode. Check it out. Let us know what you think. Thank you so much for helping us rock!


Jan 13, 2013

Episode 28 Happy 2013!

Hey happy new year everybody! Benj and I do some year end recapping. I dont remember exactly. All I know is we could have talked a lot longer. Oh and some very good local music is played at the end. Thank goodness all the holidays are over and we survived those lying Mayans! Now... We celebrate! Happy New Year!


Jan 4, 2013

Episode 27 MC Lars!

Welcome back friends! Im excited for this one. A few weeks ago I contacted hiphop artist MC Lars for a possible interview. He was totally cool with it. So I went out to his show and hung out. He was a super cool dude! And it was a ton of fun. As you know I may not be the most professional so there is a bit of nerves. HAHA! Im getting better!... I hope... So here ya go. Thank you so much for checking us out. Leave us reviews and all that good stuff. Oh and happy 2013!