Dec 29, 2012

Episode 26 New Wilshire Album!

More presents! Thats right friends. On this weeks very special episode we are giving you Wilshires new album. Really hope you dig it. Please let us know what you think. Leave reviews on all forms of media. Hop you are all having a great and safe holiday season. Much more goodness to come in 2013


Dec 22, 2012

Episode 25 A Very Wilshire Christmas!

Hope everybody is safe and stress free for the holidays! I sure am not! On this episode of FWM the band Wilshire sits in for a good chat about their music. And for a bonus gift at the end they jam out for everyone. They rocked it pretty hard and I hope you enjoy it. Next week will be a very special gift for y'all so be on the look out. Thank you so much for continuing to press play!


Dec 15, 2012

Episode 24 Erick! The Avantist

Hello everybody! Thank you for coming back. On this episode Erick from the Avantist stops by to do some talking. We go to Mexico and back a few times. There have been so many instances in my life where I wish I knew how to speak Spanish. This is definitely one of them, Seriously I need to take a class or something. We had a ton of fun and its a great chat. If you are not familiar with his band I suggest you check them out. Their stuff is up on bandcamp and fb and all that. He also moolights in Esta Vivo. Oh and on top of all that, he is a reallt good brother! Thanks for tuning in and checking us out! Yall are the best! Oh, and we ended this one with some killer red velvet french toast! Go to Stacked! Ask for Kat!


Dec 7, 2012

Episode 23 Jackie!

Garbage bags full of records! The savior of rock and roll and revolutionary front woman of the BEASTJESUS joins us in the DZ for a good chat. Jackie and I go way back and it was cool catching up with her. We talked about a bunch of stuff that I dont remember at this moment. Damn I gotta get better at this! One thing we forgot to mention was our undying love for the Seattle Supersonics. We had a lot of fun in this one! Thank you friends for your continuing support. So much more greatness to come. And always remember during a wind advisory to make sure to have plenty of avocado!