Sep 28, 2012

Episode 13 Dill!

Hey there friends! Its that time again. Another poorly thought out description. Does anybody read these? Dill stops by DZ records for some good talking. I apologize for the way I sound. Was dealing with a nasty cold. Feeling much better now thank you. Dill and I trip on some pretty bad and good music. We dissect the band tool. So much that I had to edit a chunk out. Ha it was just to much tool. Then we rocked some good tunes at the end. Thank you guys so much for the support. Please help spread the word! Word! 


Sep 22, 2012

Episode 12 Ray! Again!

Hey there friends! Ray comes back to get snobby and complain about stuff. Its nice being a cranky old man. We talk music fests and even some fashion. I dont remember the rest but im sure its full of positivity. Thank you so much for sticking around!


Sep 15, 2012

Episode 11 Esta Vivo Ryan!

DZfest veteran Ryan stops by for some rowdy fun. He has such a great voice, right? Well at least I dig it. We go a little deeper in this one as opposed to his time on the DZfest episode. He is a smooth dude and puts on a great live show. Viva Esta Vivo!


Sep 8, 2012

Episode 10 DZfest!

Here it is friends! DZfest in all its glory! Or at least the banter in between. It was a magical night full of music, cupcakes, ping pong, Larry, dancing and podcasting! It all happened so quickly. A big thanks to Benj for putting it all together. Tell your friends and spread the word. DZfest lives!


Sep 2, 2012

Episode 9 Jen!

Jen showed up with no food. I should have yelled at here but what kind of host would that make me. I think we talked music. Another person that grew up a lot cooler then me. You guys get to hear my sultry siren singing again. Lucky you! And next time you are on hold you should savor it!