Aug 25, 2012

Episode 8 Muri! or Moody…

Oh my the hits just keep on coming! The future of America drops in DZ records to have some fun. I don't know what went wrong here but it was fun. Good luck with this one friends! 50 Shades of Moody!


Aug 17, 2012

Episode 7 Jason!

Ever wonder what kind of a person turns down a full ride to Juilliard School of Music? Tune in and find out! Jason is a tremendously gifted dude and he sits down and shares some of those gifts with us. A very sitar heavy episode. Thank you for checking us out!


Aug 11, 2012

Episode 6 Salina!

My best friend in the whole wide world Salina stops by to chat. We talk marriage, she bashes my running abilities, James Brown dies and a bunch of Spanish stuff happens that I dont remember. Thank you guys so much for hanging around! Vamos a la playa!!


Aug 5, 2012

Episode 5 Eddie!

Eddie saves the day and stops by the DZ for a little chat. Pun intended. We remember rock and roll radio and then kick out some jams. Thank you for rocking with us!