Jul 28, 2012

Episode 4 Matt and Benj! Again!

Bonjour mon ami musique! A music heavy episode with a theme guess the theme win a prize! Also Benj and I get deep into some loneliness. Merci beaucoup! Au revoir!


Jul 22, 2012

Episode 3 Ray!

Hey there friends! The positivity just keeps on rolling! Ray drops by the studio and we go on about snobbery, devil music and holograms. Plus a bunch more that I dont remember. You guys are great thank you!


Jul 14, 2012

Episode 2 Sheri!

Our friend Sheri stops by to discuss music nd being cool at a very young age. Then we play some great stuff after. Thanks for sticking around friends!


Jul 4, 2012

Episode 1 Matt and Benj!


Our first podcast! Hurray!! We did it! Well friends here it is. Benj and I do some talking and play some music.